Dust Free Remodeling

March 03, 2018
Scranton PA
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Whether your a weekend warrior or hiring a professional contractor- interior remodeling projects can be messy. Removing flooring, tearing down walls, and disrupting insulation are task that can can pose health risk and create a mess in your home. To minimize the disruption to your home, during a renovation project, several steps can be taken.

Some contractors advertise "dust free remodeling" services. Often, these remodeling companies employ a variety of equipment to contain and remove the dust from your home. Contractors that have a genuine interest in the safety of the clients and employees take this matter seriously. Lead based paint, asbestos, and silica are common hazards that can become airborne during remodeling. Multiple government agencies, such as the EPA and OSHA have strict guidelines that must be followed to protect workers and building occupants. Besides health concerns, some contractors utilize dust free remodeling services as a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Below are a few of the tools & methods a DIY'er or contractor can use to improve safety and minimize dust and debris.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment includes: dust mask, eye protection, tyvek suits, and foot wear. These are essential items to protect workers from health and safety hazards. OHSA has specific requirements that contractors must employ, to reduce risk to employees. Safety is a priority for both DIY and professionals.

Zip Wall: An essential assest in creating a confined workspace. Zip Wall systems are an effecient, simple way to keep dust contained to the work area. A flapper door or zipper access door prevent debris from excaping the area.

Air Cleaners: There are many sizes and styles of air filtration systems. Proper selection is determined by the size of the workspace and the type of hazards present. HEPA air scrubbers are the best option for collecting fine dust from the air. When used in conjunction with a dust barrier, such as Zip Wall, a negative air pressure in the workspace prevents dust from "leaking" into adjacent areas.

Dust Extraction: Many tools have the ability to have a HEPA dust collector attached to the tool during operation. The dust collector is a highly effective way to collect dust at the source and minimize mess. Professional remodelers often have a variety of tools that are integrated with extraction systems.

Tacky Mats: An adhesive floor mat that collects dirt from the bottom of shoes, preventing transfer of footprints outside the work space. It is recommended to place a mat directly outside of the access door to clean the shoes before walking through the house. 

HEPA Vacuum: High quality vacuum cleaners that have multi level filtration that prevent dirt from passing out of the exhaust, back into the home. Cleaning the area with a quality vacuum will collect and remove the finest dust particles. Sweeping a floor is only effective for removing larger debris. 

Drop Clothes, Tarps, Runners: Outside of the work area, furnishings and floor surfaces should be covered and protected. This will protect the floors and collect dirt & debris that may be transferred out of the work area.

NEPA Remodeling is a remodeling company located in Scranton, PA and takes many steps to provide a dust free experience. These efforts are part of our commitment to our clients remodeling experience. Please visit our website below, for more information about our company and services.


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