Concrete Floor Coating

August 07, 2014
Lancaster, PA
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Concrete Floor Coating– Points to Consider

Concrete is a commonly used material for floorings in industrial structures mainly due to their load bearing capacity, surface hardness and finish. Concrete floors are highly durable and needs less maintenance compared to other types of floorings. But, concrete floor come with their share of problems too and the biggest problem is painting concrete floors. Though painting is a great way of transforming appearance of flooring and giving it a protective layer, painting concrete floors can become messy if not done properly. Concrete floors require special attention and preparation for painting, and if a person tries to cut corners, he may face grave paint problems later. If industrial painting of concrete floors is not done properly, it can result in several problems like peeling from concrete floors.

Concrete floors require more attention while painting due to the nature of its surface. Here are some points you need to consider while commercial painting of concrete floors –

  • Check whether the concrete surface is porous or not. If the surface is not absorbent, it will simply sit on top and peel off over the period of time. To create absorbency, you need to prepare the surface by abrading it manually or with application of chemicals. Scrape and sand glossy surfaces to make them dull, before you apply paint.
  • Seepage or presence of moisture below the concrete floors can create problems. If moisture seeps through the concrete slab, it will cause paint to peel off the floor. Hence, if the concrete slabs are installed over moist or wet soil, install a moisture barrier below concrete surface.
  • Make sure the surface of concrete is completely clean before you start painting. Due to the nature of its surface, concrete easily collects dust, oil and other contaminants. Presence of contaminants gives an uneven finish to the paint and also affects its durability.
  • Choosing the right kind of paint is very important for its durability. You can opt for special epoxy coating for concrete floors as they are high performance coating and withstand different conditions industrial floors are exposed to.
  • Always apply a primer before applying paint to the surface. Primers use for concrete floors are called block primers. Allow the primer to dry off completely before applying layer of paint.
  • If you are repainting a concrete surface, scrape off old paint from the floor completely. Also repair holes or any other defects present in the concrete. Let the floor get repaired completely before applying new coat of paint.

If a concrete surface has been painted perfectly, you can expect it to last for a long time. Hence, to increase the life of painted concrete surfaces, pay attention to minute details and points you need to consider.  

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