Comparing Different Types of Roofing Materials

June 21, 2019
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Are you in the market for a new type of roof? If so, you’re in luck. There are a few great options you can choose from nowadays when it comes to shingles. Whether you happen to more interested in style and looks or durability and cost, there is something to meet your needs exactly. In case you’re in need of a new roofing material but aren’t yet sure what to choose, let’s have a look at a few different options, like cedar vs asphalt shingles, to see what might suit your home best.

Wood Shakes

If you’re looking for aesthetic value and beauty, it’s hard to beat wood shakes. Especially if your home is styled in a traditional architectural way, wood shakes are going to compliment your home perfectly. Though they can be a bit more expensive, a wood shake roof will last up to 40 years if properly cared for.

This might involve staining the shingles and/or performing regular maintenance on the roof such as removing leaves and anything that will hold moisture. There are a few things you’ll need to learn on how to maintain a wood shake roof. You’ll also need to trim any trees that are shading your roof, as these can prevent it from drying out properly, leading to mold growth.


Your common asphalt roof is a good choice as well. Though you won’t be able to have much variety in what terms of style, you will be getting a durable, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain roof.  

Vinyl Cedar Shake Shingles

Some homeowners want the look of rustic wood like cedar but don’t want to have to perform the necessary maintenance on a wood shake roof to keep it in good condition. Vinyl cedar shake shingles are made from vinyl but styled to look exactly like whatever kind of wood you want them to. This gives you the ease of maintenance you get with vinyl and asphalt shakes, with the added beauty of wood shakes.

The Decision is Yours

Do you have a home that would only work with real, authentic wood shake shingles? Or, do you prefer the beauty of wood but also need increased durability and an easier-to-care-for roof? If the latter is true, vinyl cedar shake shingles might be for you. The cost to replace cedar shake roofs is a fair price considering the life expectancy. Whatever you choose, it comes down to your personal requirements for your roof.


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