Commercial Landscape Trends

November 28, 2018
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Landscaping for businesses involves more maintenance than residential due to the number of individuals who share the same space. Business owners must accommodate their patrons with enough space and present an eloquent plant design to better suit their investment. These landscapes are commonly known as commercial properties, or in this case, commercial landscapes.

Just like residents, commercial landscapes have a few factors that make it attractive to visitors. A well-designed commercial landscape can make a difference in quality and overall performance. Here are a few trends that can optimize landscape performance.

Ground Cover Trends

Commercial landscapes are likely to have enough space for garden beds. To effectively keep garden bed healthy, a ground cover will need to be installed to ensure its elegance and water management.

  • Mulch – It’s a very heavy ground cover but provides the best protection against excess water. For plants that have bright blossoms, go with a black or brown colored mulch to bring out vibrant colors. If there are more evergreen or darker colored bushes, use a lighter colored mulch like Red Mulch.
  • Pine Straw – This is more cost-efficient ground cover. Its versatile color works well with plants of any color due to color change when moisture is on its surface. Use larger size needles to cover more ground. Smaller pine straw needles can be brighter but won’t cover much ground per bale.
  • River Rock – Effective against water and encourages soil under its better to absorb water more. River rock or river stone work better with rain garden grasses like Mondo Grass.
  • Tree Bark – It’s ideal for combination pathways (walkways with stepping stones or other types of walkway material). It lasts just if pine straw but require a supplement application of bark every six months or so.

Community Bench Trends

Add social connectivity to a commercial landscape through community benches. This trend invites customers to socialize while enjoying the benefits of lease establishments in the commercial areas.

  • Classic Benches – Go the cost-efficient route and invest in classic benches. Although they are practical, commercial business owners should see them as a blank canvas. Use the opportunity to make them more vibrant.
  • Combination Benches – They’re more expensive but decorative commercial seating options. Marble and wood or iron and wood benches are impressively designed structures that inspire commuters to try commercial landscape ideas at home.
  • Multi-Directional Benches – Take advantage of complicated commercial landscapes and build benches around the trees and bushes. Install a decorative stone floor or outdoor wood floor to add more flare to the area.

Effective Drainage Solutions

Commercial landscapes are not immune to the flood waters. Before you decide to build anything, check places where water will stand. Sustained flood water overtime will sink the soil underneath benches and outdoor flooring. Look at swale vs. french drains as possible options.

Once standing water locations are identified, begin installing a drain system. French drainage systems work well. Instead of corrugated pipe, it may be more effective to use a stronger material such as PVC or CPVC. Utilize a larger and stronger catch basin. This will allow maintenance crew to ensure it remains at an optimal flow. For a more complex drainage system, consider designing a trench drain

Let Renters Inspire Design

Flexibility is a universal trait that can help commercial landscapes. Therefore, leaders should invest in landscapes that accommodate their renters such as benches and tables for restaurants. If the commercial landscape is large enough it can be miniature park. The idea is to get the most out of the investment.


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