Choosing the Perfect Floor Coating

January 23, 2018
Chicago, Illinois
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Whether you’re looking to redo your entire floor, or you’d just like to make your current flooring more stylish and durable, it’s critical that you understand all the pros and cons of the options available to you.

To determine your ideal coating, you must fully assess your target space and the scope of your flooring plans. For example, multilayer chip flooring can create a non-slip surface ideal for pool areas, but the chemical and abrasion resistance of epoxy would fare well as warehouse or garage floor coating.

Each flooring material offers a unique set of benefits, so taking time to fully understand these diverse and varied advantages is key to investing in floor coating that will meet the needs of your space, whether it’s a home, office, automotive shop, or medical facility. To help you make your decision, here are just a few of the most popular coating types:


Quartz Flooring

Offering a smooth, easy-clean surface, quartz flooring is often applied in locker rooms, hospitals, and large kitchens. Quartz flooring is also incredibly durable, even following prolonged exposure to extreme heat, cold, and UV light. Additionally, it’s reliable adhesion, combined with a high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance, makes quartz flooring not only resilient, but easy to maintain.


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is an excellent, cost-effective material, especially if you need an affordable way to coat extensive surface areas. Similar to quartz, epoxy flooring also features impressive abrasion, UV, and chemical resistance, in addition to its deodorizing qualities. For the aesthetically conscious, epoxy mixtures are often pre-tinted, making it ideal for color matching. Epoxy flooring also offers high-end slip resistance at a relatively affordable price.


Polyurea Flooring

If you’re looking for floor coating that is easy to maintain, polyurea could be your ideal choice. Polyurea is also a recommended material for D.I.Y. floor coaters since it offers a wider application window, as opposed to quick-setting alternatives. Polyurea is a popular choice for those looking to coat locker rooms, garages, or pool decks, but, regardless of project type, this cost-effective material is highly sought after because of its long lifespan and top-quality finish.


Multilayer Chip Flooring

This flooring type is commonly used in garages, offices, manufacturing areas, and showrooms because of the material’s polyurea composition, which bolsters its durability and strength. It also creates a non-slip surface, making it an ideal choice for areas that experience large amounts of foot traffic. Also, in many cases, the mixture’s chip color can be customized, giving an added degree of aesthetic personalization.


Floor Your Visitors With the Right Coat

There is no floor coating material versatile enough to work well in every type of space. Some coatings, in fact, are specifically ill-suited for large surface area applications. This wide degree of performance variation makes it even more critical for those maintaining residential and commercial spaces to know the benefits and weaknesses of each coat type. With a little research, though, you’ll be sure to find the ideal mixture for your next floor coating project.

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