Can't Find Those Hyde Tools You’re Looking for at Home Depot Anymore?

April 27, 2011
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Hyde tools have been made in the US since the company was established in 1900. Starting out by offering blades and knives to the New England industry, Hyde quickly became the leading innovator in American Hand Tools, and built a strong reputation as the manufacturer of a quality product. "Today, Hyde is into its second century of service to American industry and the home handyman. To the uninitiated, the variety of uses for Hyde products is astonishing. In fact, if it's made of paper, cloth, plastic, leather, or rubber chances are a Hyde blade was involved in its manufacture." Hyde makes tools for all different applications: paint & surface, wallcovering, repair, drywall, tile & floor, masonry & concrete, utility knives and industrial knives/blades.


Due to their popularity and US heritage, Hyde products were always found in ACE Hardware stores and Home Depot, although only select lines. With the way the economy has turned however, Home Depot carries fewer Hyde products in the bid to cut costs and save money. Certainly understandable, however this does not supply you with the quality tools you need for your home projects or contracting jobs. I've always used Hyde Tools because they easily pay for themselves with the quality of their performance and durability. I have scrapers, mixers, and blades that have lasted my entire career as a contractor. But with it getting harder to find the replacement blades and even the upgraded parts (which I certainly would love to add to my inventory) I've had to rely on more generic lines. More and more I've found myself disappointed with the tools I've purchased, not just in their ability to do the job, but in their ability to last. If I could I would buy from Hyde directly, but they only do catalog wholesale.


Later, when my patience with a job, the homeowner, and my supplies had almost reached its end, I found myself online searching for any Hyde tool supplier I could find, and I came across Thank God. They carry Hyde Tools' full line of 800 plus products (and some Richard paint supplies which I'll probably try) and they're all discounted. You can buy the tools individually or in bulk, and if that wasn't great enough, because I'm a contractor I get a 10% discount. Whether I want one trowel or 200 blades I get to use my discount and they usually ship same day so I get what I need within the week.


I've been waiting for the ability to buy Hyde products like this for a long time and figured I'd share my story in case there are others out there disappointed/frustrated in the quality and performance of generic tools and parts, and were missing some of those good old Hyde tools. By the way, I've also joined their newsletter because they send out special deals and coupon codes that I can use on top of my discount to basically get the supplies I need for almost nothing. Hope this information helps some other folks out.

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    Npavabout 9 years ago

    If you like hyde you should check out kraft tool company i think its I especially like their one piece stainless taping knives. Real nice quality. I had the same problem with not finding what i needed at the big box store and some searching led me to them.

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