Backyard Design Trends to Consider For Fall

September 10, 2019
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Many homeowners use their backyards to create a vacation-like space for entertainment and relaxation purposes. From building a custom deck, to installing a pool, there are many different ways you can create the perfect backyard. Utilize the backyard design trends below to create a space that both you and your friends and family can enjoy well into the months of Autumn. 

1. Build A Custom Deck

If you need more space for entertaining, consider building a custom deck. You may need to grade your backyard to install a deck or patio. Grading the landscape in the backyard depends on the elevation of the home. Some homes sit on steep hills while others are on flat land. Decks are common among highly elevated areas, so grading to create a flat area is essential as well as planning your project with a good decking calculator

Use hardwood to keep a natural look for your backyard. Hardwood professionals debate that it’s easier to maintain than composite decking material. Hardwood does offer natural durability, while composite decking is chemically treated and can withstand the elements more. For a secluded addition that maximizes comfort, beadboard porch ceiling is an excellent way to protect friends and family from rain or sun while enjoying the outdoor space.

2. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

To really get the best experience for your backyard, add an outdoor kitchen to your landscape. It’s a big-budget installation, but it increases the value of your home while providing an indoor experience in an outside setting. For best results, be sure to research covers and pergola options and determine whether a metal vs wood pergola is best for your needs. The options are endless when you work with a professional to create your outdoor kitchen. If you don't want to start your own DIY pergola project, there's an easier option. If you'll search online you can order various Pergola kit that can fit your preference. They don't require that much work compared to building a pergola from scratch. 

3. Use Privacy Fences for Your Backyard

Protect your landscape investment by installing a privacy fence around your backyard. Hardwood fences and standard wood fences are common among fencing specialists. Lately, fence professionals have recommended vinyl fences due to the resistance against strong winds and easy maintenance. You could even go all-natural by installing a line of trees in your backyard or make extra use of a 12x12 pergola kit. It may take a few months to years for the plants to grow, but they will eventually create a canopy of cover. Many homeowners are leaning towards staining pressure treated wood to look like cedar for a natural look that is highly durable.

4. Installing Effective Landscape Drainage

Spring in Oklahoma can be pretty unpredictable. Pop up showers can leave your landscape saturated in rainwater making it important to have an effective yard drainage system in your backyard. Use French drain systems for areas away from decks and patios. However, consider using slimmer drains, such as slot drains, for decks, patios, and pools. 

Another innovative way to reduce flooding and protect your home or yard from water damage is by installing a permeable paving system that lets water seep through grass, gravel, asphalt, and other materials with ease. This system eliminates stagnant water and efflorescence staining to keep your outdoor areas clean and safe.

5. Add a Natural Pool

Many homeowners install pools in their backyard. From in-ground pools to above ground pools, there are plenty of options available to fit both your needs and your budget. But why go with a standard pool? Try a natural pool for your backyard. The difference between a natural pool and the standard pool is that natural pools use plants to manage enzymes and pH water levels to keep the water algae free. Also, natural pools don’t require any chemicals. For those who want to go with energy-efficient, green pools, invest in a natural pool.

How to Maintain Your Backyard All Year

As you explore these trends, be aware that your backyard will need regular maintenance. If you have a hardwood deck or are planning to build your own pergola, it's a good idea to gently power wash the surface once every six months. Use a finish on it as well to keep the wood protected. 

Check your drainage systems every three months to make sure drains are running smoothly. Again, saturated soil can cause rapid erosion, so you want to protect your investment. Next, create privacy with fencing. Whether it’s wood or vinyl, be vigilant regarding privacy. Finally, add some flare to your backyard with an outdoor kitchen and/or natural pool.

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Construction and Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value. 

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