7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes that Everyone Makes

August 08, 2017
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Whether you are planning on doing major renovations or simple touch ups that improve the space, there’s a lot to consider when remodeling a bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom can be so stressful. Don’t make it any harder by committing any of these 7 common mistakes.

1. Failing to consider proper ventilation

Bathrooms need proper ventilation too. You may consider installing a small bathroom exhaust fan on the ceiling. This will prevent humidity from getting trapped in the space and compromising the air quality. High humidity levels can also attract mold and mildew. Proper ventilation also helps to prevent the paint and grout in your bathroom from deteriorating. After the renovations are complete, make sure you remove any dust or debris before switching on the fan.

2. Poor planning

Every renovation project requires proper planning. This helps you to better understand the needs of the project and how much you are likely to spend on it. In bathroom renovations, planning helps you to get the right measurements, budget for materials and labor as well as understand what you want to achieve once the remodel is complete.

3. Failing to consider functionality

When remodeling your bathroom, you need to focus on the function, not just the looks. Every feature you plan to include in your bathroom should perfectly suit the space and meet all building codes. If the layout and spacing you choose looks good but it doesn’t satisfy local building codes, you will have to reconsider. Think of whether the placement of fixtures and finishes will offer you comfort with every day use.

4. Choosing poor quality materials

Low quality materials have no place in a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms are prone to elements like moisture than can cause serious damage. To avoid warping and deterioration, make sure you choose materials that will last. You may end up paying a higher up-front cost, but it’s worthwhile if it lasts for many years.

5. Setting an unrealistic budget

Many homeowners will start a bathroom renovation project with a limited amount of money to work with but high expectations on the final output. This forces them to cut corners and end up with a bathroom remodel they don’t really like. Always have 15 to 20% of the total budget allocated for miscellaneous expenses.

6. Failing to pay attention to details

Some minor mistakes can make a huge difference in the results of your bathroom remodel project. Don’t overlook small errors that can steal the look of your bathroom. If you notice something is being done wrong, address it no matter how small.

7. Failing to maintain focus

Bathroom remodels, like all other renovations, can be very exciting when you get started. But along the way, the long hours of working can cause you to lose psyche and focus towards the end. Avoid rushing things so that you can see the completed space. Have the patience to do things correctly from the beginning and your project will turn out successful.

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