5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Metal Roof Installation

March 19, 2020
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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When installed in the right manner, metal roofs can last for up to 5 decades, provided that regular inspections and maintenance works are carried out throughout their useful lifespan. Metal has become a primary material for building both residential and commercial roofing structures all around the world. Metal roofing systems are durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant and environment-friendly, and energy and cost-efficient.

Although metal roofs outlast other available roofing options in the market, yet little errors during their installation can result in costly repairs in the future. The following is a description of five common mistakes to avoid during metal roof installation:

Anyone can Install Metal Roof

Some of the contractors and roofers claim to have expertise in installing roofs of every type of material like metal, steel, asphalt and composite shingles, clay and concrete tiles, and more. If someone claims to be an expert in all forms of roofing structures, then it’s most likely they are lying about it.

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Before hiring roofers, make sure to ask some critical questions to test their reliability and work ethics.

  • How long have you been operating in this line of work?
  • Is this your only business, or do you provide some other service as well?
  • Do you possess any legal certificate to operate as a roofer?
  • Do you have membership in the roofing industry?
  • Do you offer any liability insurance during your work?
  • Do you provide any guarantee of your service?
  • Do you deal directly with the metal roofing producer?
  • Can you show your previous projects on metal roofing?

Asking these key questions will enable you to hire the most reliable metal roofing contractors who will not only install your metal roof correctly but also help you save both time and money in the long run.

Using Incorrect Substrate

The panels of metal roofing are generally designed in a way that they get easily installed over a solid layer like plywood. Instead of using solid wooden surfaces, the metal roofing panels can also be installed over battens. Be that as it may, a solid surface is preferable for installing a metal roof for small buildings to avoid condensation issues that are usually faced with battens.

Using Wrong Fasteners

Using the right fasteners is vital while installing metal roofing. Instead of applying standard fasteners, use fasteners that are specifically designed for the installation of metal roof panels. When you use standard screws, they are unable to prevent water leak around them. On the other hand, metal roof-specific screws incorporate a special washer that seals the opening preventing major water leaks.

Inadequate Panel Overlapping

Metal roof panels should easily overlap each other to keep water from leaking at their junction. The overall slope of your roof decides the amount of overlap of the two metal roof panels. While installing the metallic roof, first measure your roof’s pitch, then use as much overlap as recommended by the manufacturer of your metal roof.

Incorrect Overhang Measurements

Leaving a suitable amount of overhang at the edge of your residential or industrial roofing structure is key for its accurate installation. The rainwater could easily leak through gutter and siding if the roof panels are cut too short. In case they are cut too long, the draining water could go past drain and fall directly on the ground instead.

In a nutshell, always purchase a high-quality metal roof as per your budget, get clear instructions and manuals from the manufacturer regarding its installation, and hire the services of the expert roofers like Stahl Roofing Edmonton for achieving the flawless installation.

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