5 Building Design Trends Every Contractor Should Know

July 03, 2018
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Air And Moisture Resistant Building Wrap

Every contractor should know about building wrap that is both air and moisture resistant! The name speaks for itself, and it’s not hard to see why this has become a trend.

Air infiltration is often very annoying and very pernicious, because it degrades the insulation, which lessens its value and makes the investment that you, or a client, has made somewhat worthless. And that’s never a good feeling.

Moisture infiltration has the same effect, but it is even worse. You see, if moisture gets trapped in the walls, it actively destroys the integrity of that insulation at a far quicker rate than air infiltration.

The best air and moisture resistant building wraps seal the interior of a building, which prevents any sort of air from infiltrating that particular building and degrading the insulation. With moisture resistance, the best building wraps allow moisture to escape by passing through the surface of the wrap, which prevents any sort of damage from being done to the insulation.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains are incredibly trendy because they actively minimize the risk of not only having a fire, but, if a fire does happen, smoke curtains prevent smoke and flames from spreading throughout the building.

It is somewhat expensive, but it is a very worthwhile investment because it only takes one fire to completely decimate a building that may have taken years and a considerable amount of funds to create, and that’s without getting into the damage that a fire can do to the people inside the building, among other things.

One of the best things about smoke curtains though, besides the fact that they prevent fires from occuring and overtaking a building, is the fact that they are incredibly versatile and that they can be integrated into any building - big or small - with tremendous ease!

Slotted Drains

Commercial facilities that are involved with things like food processing and brewing stand to benefit an enormous amount from the installation of slotted drains that replace the traditional drains within the building.

One of the biggest reasons is simply the fact that slotted drains are far more inexpensive than that of traditional drains, and there are fewer maintenance costs, as well.

Slotted drain sanitary drainage systems are also far easier to clean, because traditional drains - primarily trench drains, since we’re talking about things like food processing and brewing - have a grate that needs to be removed, while also having to clean a drain channel that tends to accumulate all kinds of waste that needs to be scrubbed and then rinsed off very thoroughly. Whereas slotted drains only require that a cleaning technician push the waste, with a special brush, through the length of the channel. Alternatively, a self-flushing system can be installed, which makes the process far easier.

Accent Interior Designs

Accent walls are very popular right now. Specifically, interior stone veneer panels. Walls that remind people of nature, of history, and of one of the oldest materials known to man. People are tired of the overly “modern” design trends that we saw not too long ago, and now, they want something with more life and more vibrancy. That is why stone accent walls are so popular, and they will remain popular due to their affordability and the timelessness of the aesthetic itself.

Sustainable Building Envelope

Building envelopes have always been a popular, and important, facet of homes. For many years, this has been the case. Right now, though, the trend has shifted a little bit because there is a greater emphasis on sustainability and being friendly towards the environment.

Instead of only being about the control of water and air, with regards to the environment and the building, they are now about doing all of those things, while being sustainable and friendly towards the environment, and this must be kept in mind.


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