5 Advantages of Steel Log Siding

May 11, 2018
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One of the most important parts of building a home or redoing a home is the quality of your house siding. There are so many varieties to choose from that your client can virtually have any look they want. One of the most popular options that are taking the industry by storm is the steel log siding. This siding has a variety of benefits that make it a prime choice for any who need to reside their home or just need to update the look.

As a contractor, it’s important for you to know the benefits of this type of siding and why you should provide it for your clients. Here are some of the advantages of using steel siding versus the regular style you may see.

Real Wood Look

When you want your home to have the look of real wood siding, then steel log siding is your best bet. You can give your client the look of a log cabin if they wish, without the issues of having real wood on the outside of the home. Real wood can bring on termites and other wood born pests that can wreak havoc on the home. With this steel siding option, you can have that look without the problems that come with it.

Durable Material

Steel siding is quite durable and can face the ravages of nature better than most other siding products. This will mean that your clients home can face whatever hurricane, storm, or wind storm that nature may throw its way. This siding is stronger than your typical aluminum siding options as well. Because it is made of steel, you can avoid having to spray it for rodents or pests that would otherwise cause damage to the outer part of the home.


This steel log siding option is a cost-effective option for a re-siding project or even for a new home build project. It can offer a nice product for an affordable price, making it the top choice of many contractors and homeowners alike.

Minimum Maintenance

While typical log siding can put a dent in your wallet when log home repairs roll around, steel log siding does not. One of the benefits of this steel siding option is that a simple wash with a hose can have it looking clean and new in no time. This type of siding also requires less maintenance than other siding options which means less time dealing with log home restorations.

Additional Insulation

With your typical siding options, you will only get whatever type of insulation your home already has. So, this can mean more cost to your client if they prefer more insulation than what is already in the home. With steel siding, you get the bonus of not only a great siding look and product, but also more insulation. Each steel log siding piece has a foam insulation attached to the back of it. This adds more power to the siding to help keep the inside of the home at the precise temperature desired.


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  • Thumb_050
    Randy Bush8 months ago

    Being I have pretty much install only steel siding for the past 20 years I agree with the pluses of it. But personally I have never really cared for the log look.

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