3 Benefits of Steel Log Siding to Mobile Homes

July 26, 2018
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When it comes to mobile home log siding, steel siding is receiving plenty of attention from design experts and mobile home owners alike. It is a great way to get an incredible log home look. However, many folks do not really know a lot about this revolutionary and fantastic siding product that could transform or revamp the look of their mobile home.

Steel log siding is also durable, sustainable, as well as ideal for all climates unlike wood. 

Steel Log Siding for Mobile Homes 

You may know it but if you do not, steel log siding is a distinct kind of siding which was only developed a couple of years ago. Steel log siding for mobile homes combines the beautiful look of natural wood with the strength of heavy-duty steel in order to create a great siding option for mobile homes, which is durable, sustainable, easy to maintain. It also has the look of authentic wood without the typical problems and hassles associated with wood siding.

Steel log siding is an ideal choice for mobile home owners who want their mobile homes to have a distinct, vintage charm as well as natural look, but do not want the upkeep and cost of natural wood. 

Here are three great benefits of steel log siding for your mobile home. 

Real Wood Look

If you would like your mobile home to have the great look associated with real wood siding, then we assure you steel log siding is the best option for your home.

You can enjoy the rustic look of a log cabin if you wish, without the hassles and issues of having wood on the outside of your mobile home. Also, real wood is likely to bring on termites and various other wood born pests, which can wreak havoc on your home.

With steel log siding option, you could have that vintage look without the problems and complications that come with it. 


Steel log siding is extremely durable and can withstand the ravages of nature much better compared to most other siding products on the market. This means that your home can face hurricane, windstorm or storm that nature might throw its way. 

Steel log siding is much stronger than typical aluminum siding option as well. As it is made from steel, you do not have to spray it for pest or rodents that may otherwise cause severe damage to the exterior parts of your home. The material will not fade, buckle, peel, crack, or warp like other types of siding.  

Low Maintenance 

Another great benefit of steel siding for mobile home is that it’s quite easy to maintain. Other kinds of siding have to be regularly cleaned and pressure washed with chemicals in order to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on them. However, in case of steel log siding you just have to rinse it off using a hose every once in a while, and it would look fantastic.


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