• Boot Review – Danner Bull Run Moc Toe

    Finding quality boots at an affordable price isn’t always easy. If you go too cheap, then the quality really suffers. Past a certain price point, though, you’re likely paying as much for the name of the manufacturer as you are for the materials and workmanship of the boot.

  • Things to Consider Before Buying a New Work Van

    Things to Consider Before Buying a New Work Van

    A new van is a major investment – which means you’ll want to get years of use out of it so your investment pays off. If it’s constantly breaking down, it’ll mean additional costs and lost business.

  • Best Grouting Options for Travertine

    Best Grouting Options for Travertine

    Working with any type of natural stone tile is both a pleasure and a challenge. The beauty and impressive texture of travertine tile makes for a creative, interesting project. Choosing the right grout for each specific application makes every project better.

  • Working with Financing Apps

    Working with Financing Apps

    Offering financing to your customers can lead to more business and admittedly, in some cases, more hassles. But when you own your own business, that’s the norm. As far as we’re concerned, getting more customers and a fatter bottom line is most often worth the risk of a client or two not keeping their end of the bargain.

  • SSL for Contractors

    SSL for Contractors

    Even if you’re not completely convinced that SSL is a necessity for you, you really do need it. Search engines are already showing preference toward sites with SSL. Some browsers flash warnings about insecure sites if an SSL certificate isn’t found when making a connection.

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