Wolverine Wolverine Contractor LX CONTRACTOR LX

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Wolverine Wolverine Contractor LX CONTRACTOR LX

The Wolverine Contractor LX is a versatile work boot for those on a construction site all day. Featuring an athletic fit through the heel and middle part of the foot, your foot is confidently held into place while the toe box is wide and spacious. The rubber lug outsole and ladder shank make this boot ideal for climbing on roofs, ladders and any other surfaces throughout the day.

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  • Thumb_goat1
    TinstaaflFebruary 24, 20183

    Heavy duty boot

    I received a pair of these boots at no charge for evaluation.

    Described as being made specifically for contractors, they fill the bill. Well-made, rugged and waterproof, with hard toe protection. I've worn them in snow, slush and mud, and they kept my feet toasty warm and dry. They have a very good non-slip tread design as well.

    An unusual feature is a "bulge" in the lining at each side of your Achilles tendon, presumably to offer extra ankle support. I can't vouch for whether they actually do, but I don't notice them while wearing the boots. I've heard a couple of comments from others that they can be uncomfortable.

    At 3lb 8 oz, these boots are not light. But that's a price you pay for ruggedness.

    The one downside that will prevent me from wearing them year-round (and lowers the rating) is that they are so warm I took a second look at the specs to see if they're insulated. They're not. This is a boot for cool/cold weather outdoors, not for working inside in a heated space or outdoors in the heat of summer.

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    • Thumb_c7d8815e
      Leo GMarch 12, 20183

      Wolverine Contractor LX

      I received a pair of Wolverine CONTRACTOR LX Boots as a promotion so I could review them. First, they arrived very quick, surprisingly so. They come in a nice sturdy box and are packaged well. The boots look great. The materials are top notch. The workmanship looks stellar.

      First wear of any boot for me is always a rough day. I can usually handle about 3-4 hours in the new footware before I need to swap out to something more used. But I made it 6 hours in these first try. That's pretty good for me. First thing I noticed when I put them on was the ankle support. Not sure how I feel about it, it works, but it feels like it's trying instead of something that less noticeable. It'll be one of the things I don't care for about these boots.

      The soles are more flexible than most boots that are new. They felt more broken in on first wear than most feel after a week of breaking in. The soles have a nice grip, but no so much that they can hold the concrete and trip you up. The boot has nice support so walking over uneven ground and small objects don't twist your ankle.

      Lacing them up seems to be more of a chore than it should be. All the boots that I've had have two sets of hooks to lace, these have three. That's not what make it a chore. The hooks fit the laces to well, they more or less lock into the hook and they don't let you snug up the boot. You need to tighten the laces before you place them into the hooks for all three sets.

      This is definitely a cool or cold weather boot. They are warm. Working out in the snow and ice these boots shine. The keep your feet warm and dry. Working indoors with them make your feet a bit warm. I checked to see if they were an insulated boot, they are not. Maybe they should be listed as insulated as they really kept your feet warm in the inclement weather.

      These boots are great for the guy who is working outdoor in the cooler weather. They are sturdy and keep your feet steady on uneven ground. They look and feel like they would take a lot of abuse while keeping your feet safe from harm.

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      • No-avatar-62
        B.Johnson2 days ago

        Do they offer a warranty on these boots?

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