Fastenmaster Framefast FMRFFTOOL

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Fastenmaster Framefast FMRFFTOOL

FastenMaster is excited to announce the development of FrameFAST Structural Framing system for attaching rafters and trusses with a single 6” fastener.

The FrameFAST system consists of both the structural wood screw and the FrameFAST tool. The 6” FrameFAST structural screw is code compliant to replace hurricane ties with its fully threaded design providing superior uplift and lateral resistance.  With the FrameFAST system, no pneumatic nail guns or hoses are needed, it eliminates the need for ladders or scaffolding since installation is done on the deck level and installation is done up to 8 times faster than the traditional method.

The tool comes complete with the high torque Milwaukee Drill and patented delivery system. The alignment wings can be folded back for girder trusses or harder to reach application. For vaulted ceilings or rafters, the backstabber feature can be raised to meet the bottom of the truss or rafter.

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