DAP Products Inc. DynaGrip Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive 27509

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DAP Products Inc. DynaGrip Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive 27509

DYNAGRIP® HEAVY DUTY  is a premium grade, high strength construction adhesive ideal for heavier construction jobs. DYNAGRIP HEAVY DUTY adhesive delivers exceptional instant grab and a strong permanent bond for heavier remodeling jobs. This exterior grade adhesive delivers excellent adhesion on common building materials, ideal for interior or exterior jobs. 


  • STRONGER HOLDING POWER*—provides more strength for heavier interior and exterior jobs
  • STRONGER INSTANT GRAB*—ideal for heavier vertical projects
  • MULTI-MATERIAL—excellent adhesion to a wide range of building materials



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DAP Products Inc. DynaGrip Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive 27509 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_goat1
    TinstaaflApril 09, 20174

    Great experience

    I used this adhesive for installation of a very inexpensive shower enclosure due to its description as an "instant grab" product. Because of the flimsy nature of the panels and poor shape of the corner pieces (not formed at a true 90° angle), I wanted something that would set up as quickly as possible.

    It really did seem to be almost an instant grab on the main panels. The corners, however, needed bracing until the adhesive cured--which I fully expected. There was just too much "pull" on them to expect otherwise.

    I'm happy to report that two weeks later, the adhesive is holding just fine and I have no reason to expect that it won't continue to do so.

    The one slight downside is that it does have a bit of an odor when fresh that might be a bit off-putting to someone on the sensitive side.

    Reviewer received a free sample of this product.

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    • Thumb_small_vaulted-ceiling-repair-wave_046
      Sir Mixalot17 days ago

      Good to know. Thanks for the review.

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