Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

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Mobile Sandblasting
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Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

I have to quote a price on blasting a 2500sq.ft. corrugated tin ceiling (inside) that had been painted 60+ years ago. It is going to be some sort of art gallery and they need the paint blasted off of the tin. They want the sandblast look left on the tin, rough and old looking but uniform. The ceilings are 14.5 foot tall so scaffolding will be a must. I might use a water ring to keep dust down. I have someone to keep the pot full and must price the clean up also. I don't have a clue guys!!!!!!!! You got me through in the past so let the posts roll!!!!
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Re: Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

If it's the hammered tin I've worked with, those things are fairly fragile. Seems to me you would damage/destroy it while sandblasting. Getting into all the little grooves without destroying things might not be possible.


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Re: Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

Kill ... As Thom stated they are fairly fragile. Shooting sand (# 7 on mohs scale) is very hard stuff. Tin ceiling is sheet metal correct? If so.... sand will damage it. It will heat up fast and can warp.

You may need to use alternate media, something softer than sand. Corn cob & walnut shells may do the trick.

Can you regulate blasting pressure on your pot?

In my case, since we are dealing with delicate tin, i would def. use Baking Soda for this job. My pot allows me to regulate blasting pressure to handle delicate substrates. if i were to charge.. it would be something like 4.5-6'gs for this job. how many layers of paint are we removing?

Pricng i cant say for sure....

Figure atleast 1500-2000 lbs of media min. figure pick up and delivery of media.
any areas to protect or that needs tarps? figure how many hours of prep.
How will you dispose of the media. Figure 2 guys for clean up. Clean up with wet blasting is a B I T C H .... dump fees?
atleast 1.5 tanks of diesel
Scaffold rental fees... with 14.5 ceilings.. use a rolling tower scaffold. If the job pays... consider renting a lift if possible

depending on the nozzle size... this will determie how fast will the coatings be removed.

Before you do any blasting... check for LEAD paint! those tin ceilings are known to have lead paint... a test kit is very cheap and is cheap insurance. If it is lead... run away.

Take blasting very seriously ... have a contract. obey all OSHA regulations .. be considerate to other buildings/houses around. compressor and nozzle are very loud.
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Re: Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

That guy knows his ****. Most every copper ceiling is full of lead. If you are in a small town do it quick. dont tell anyone what your renovating. They wont know.
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Re: Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

I would like to Reset this field so when I log on the main field that comes up is contractor talk and sandblasting, Sandblasting on Contractor talk would be O.K. Mank
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Re: Need Pricing Help Again!!!!!!Sandblasting

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to figure out what the competition is getting for media blasting, has anyone come up with the perfect way to find out? IRS? State? ETC..
I've been working on a formula for my pricing structure but I'd like to know ahead of time if I'm even in the ballpark.



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