Gritco Pots - Anyone Use Them?

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Gritco Pots - Anyone Use Them?

Does anyone have any experience with Gritco pots? They're a German brand and I can't find too much information on the internet about them, but have the opportunity to buy one (model MM60-AW13M).
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Re: Gritco Pots - Anyone Use Them?


I have a Gritco MM40 pot that I bought as second user. The previous guy had adjusted just about everything that was adjustable and it was totally useless. Once it had been set back to its factory settings it was a completely different pot. I have gone from thinking about weighing it in to actually quite liking it.

It works well with fine abrasives up to 25-50microns and the results on jobs where it is suitable have been excellent. It has low air requirement and passes media at only 0.5 bar (7.2psi) will clean brick at just 1bar and take paint from a panel at around 4bar 57.6psi. It has good media consumption and works wet or dry.

I bought the pot because of its soda capability and have quickly grown to realise that soda has a lot less uses than the marketing people would have you believe.

The machine is actually Dutch and not German and utilises a Thompson valve which in my opinion is popular, capable but extremely poorly engineered. I have modified the body of my valve to convert all bolt threads from the aluminium castings to accept helicoil thread inserts as the steel bolts will strip the threads at the earliest opportunity. Even this was a major mission because the thread depths were not deep enough and there was a danger of breaking through the casting. If you do modify be careful not to over do it. In fact if the valve was engineered properly it would actually have studs and not bolts.

There are lots of adjustments and you have great control once you know what you are doing, if you don't do this in a logical order you will quickly get yourself in to a complete muddle and will need to reset everything to regain control.

Overall I think it was a good purchase but like all blast pots it is not a one cap fits all solution. I am now considering the larger Blastmate machine as it can handle bigger media but still offers good media control and usage unlike some which dump media whenever they can. Failing this there is a modification kit for the MM40 valve that changes the precision sleeve for a poly one with a much bigger hole in it.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Gritco Pots - Anyone Use Them?

Thanks for all that info I was to use it on stone houses and blasting cars. Do you think this is a good pot. I am new to soda blasting so any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Gritco Pots - Anyone Use Them?

Hate to break it to cars are few and far between and normally the owners want them done cheap.
If it's old it doesn't matter what media you use its a lead job so everything has to be contained. Tenting up for a car isn't really worth the effort. You will need a set up a blast shed or blast room.
Stone houses I have done 2 of them in my blasting career and again not to much money to be made.

Industry is where the money is market to mining company's and steel fabrication places you don't want customers with a low budget to spend.
With media and consumables mobile blasting is charged at $290 per hour not many average Joe's have that coin to lash out.

Stick to your guns on pricing don't be the cheap guy.
Remember it's your investment, time, money and skill the customer is paying for.

It might take a year or two to get a steady income so don't quit your day job yet.

Thats about all the advice I have.
ABSS supplies.
For a bullet proof blasting machine made in Australia they should be your first choice.
They produce top quality equipment that will give you hours of trouble free blasting.
Their customer service is the best in the business.
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