Lye Or Sulfuric Acid, How Do You Pick Which One To Use?

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Lye Or Sulfuric Acid, How Do You Pick Which One To Use?

They're both commonly sold.

Lye solid, lye solution like drano on the strong base side. Concentrated sulfuric acid on the other extreme.

They're intended for same application, but the label does not say which product should be used in which situation.

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Re: Lye Or Sulfuric Acid, How Do You Pick Which One To Use?

Don't do either call a pro. I've seen Lye harden up like cement and acid will eat up metal pipes and drain snakes. I know, "why do they sell it?". Because people buy it thinking it will work.


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Re: Lye Or Sulfuric Acid, How Do You Pick Which One To Use?

They will sell you anything these days, I agree leave it alone.
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Re: Lye Or Sulfuric Acid, How Do You Pick Which One To Use?

Well it really depends on how badly you want to dispose of the body.

Both of them burn quite well, however, the acid you may find dissolves more tissue.
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Re: Lye Or Sulfuric Acid, How Do You Pick Which One To Use?

Lye can form a solid crystal plug and pressure can build beneath it and blow it right into your unprotected eyes.

Sulphuric acid can produce enough heat to melt through plastic pipe, as well as removing the tarry surface from cast iron, causing premature failure.

Enzymatic cleaners may or may not be effective, but they are slow-working.

The best bet is snaking and jetting. Those work as long as the pipe is intact.
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