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Key-Tite Possibly Going Bad?

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Key-Tite Possibly Going Bad?

Hey- question, I have some Key-Tite and unlike the old can I've used in the past, this new one seems to have a very liquid-like consistency. It tends to drip a whole lot- even after various minutes of thorough as well as not-so-thorough stirring.

Anyone know if this is normal/still good/gone bad? It's the Weld-On Key Tite 505. Was running late and needed to get some gas lines together but can't get a new can to confirm until Ferguson opens in the morning. This can is about 8-10 months old. When it was new it seemed to be a lot thicker. Just wondering that if it's liquid enough to drip, it could be liquid enough to not stay put on the threads when connected to the gas, as low pressure as it is.

I have some Slic-Tite that is WAY thicker, although I know that's mixed with bits of teflon. I was just hoping to use this based on all my prior experiences and other plumbers I know swearing by it- I've never had any of my fittings leak but I don't like to chance it regardless. Expensive stuff to just toss.
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Re: Key-Tite Possibly Going Bad?

Did you try stirring the product? I find a lot of products separate in storage and need to be blended together again.



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Re: Key-Tite Possibly Going Bad?

I did- almost wondered if I stirred it too much. I consulted with the guy who referred it to me even though he's working on a stash of stuff that's at least one label design old and he said it was beautiful. It's basically the consistency of... whipped... I want to say if you took creamy peanut butter, whipped it and made it just a bit more creamy, the first heaviest parts that go on the brush drip down to a trickle. I think my problem was mostly comparing to other different products I've used like the Slic Tite which does need stirring as well- but when it's stirred, it's thick, almost like a chunky peanut butter.

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Re: Key-Tite Possibly Going Bad?

there is no reliable glue to keep on metal fascia wraps
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