Best Welding Hood?

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Best Welding Hood?

What type of welding hood do you guys that weld alot use? I have never used the auto-darkening style, have any of you? I think they would probably be cool, but could not imagine dishing out all the $$ for one. Also, I would be to scared to use it welding in possition overhead because it might get burnt. Curious what you all thought.
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

hey bud, I have been using a speedglass hood from the 3M company. They are really bad ass and you can customize them anyway you want. How sensitive they are, response time, anything. I use mine for everything from air arcing to mig welding to overhead structural. You can by replacement cover lenses for noting. Yea they are expensive, but I found great deals on ebay for around $250. Hope this helps!

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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I don't weld professionally, but have been doing it for a long time, for hobby, shop machinery fabrications, & maintainance. I didn't want to spend a lot just to try one, so what I did was just buy the $50 sale model from Harbor Freight. I've been using it for about 2 years now, & don't know how I'd do without it. It's just so much easier than starting blind! It seems to be plenty fast, & has an adjustment for shade.

For $50, it's a good way to try it out!

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Re: Best Welding Hood?

Your eyes are worth a lot....get a good model. I use a Huntsman...$250 or so, and it has been dropped, abused, and used hard for 4 years now....the only thing I would prefer would be to have a dual sensor for the "arc flash" because when you are doing structural welding, you can be holding or positioning and your arm or hand can shield the sensor.
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I bought the auto darkening one for one simple reason. It has a dial inside to set the darkness rather than experimenting with different glass shades. My eyes must be weird, because when I was learning to weld, the helmets that everyone could see just fine out of while welding, I couldn't see squat. I got the auto darkening one so that I could play with the dial until I could see what I was doing.
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I use a Radnor auto darkening helmet at work. I love it. I use it grinding,mig,arc and air arcing. I would never go back to a traditional helmet again.
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

Good stuff guys. After I posted that question, my brother let me borrow his Miller auto-darkening hood and man is it cool. It makes everything so much easier. I have started saving my money because I "need" one of those!
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I was in Lowe's yesterday and they had some of those auto darkening ones on clearance. Just FYI, it may not be in all stores.

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Re: Best Welding Hood?

miller elites are well worth the money. Especially the new digital one with presets!
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I use an ole Fibermetal 2x4 flipfront and a jackson shadow. I've got so use to using these, that Ifind myself reaching for them instead of my Speedglass AD. I weld for a living and the contractors I work for provide the lenses that i use, so that might have an effect on things.
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I have several different helmets, and use them for the different welding processes and projects i do. The main set up i use for portable oilpatch welding is a fibremetal flip front (2x4). Then i pick up a 10 shade autolens (made by several different manufactures and sold by Acklands, Liquid Air, Prax Air, or any welding supply shop). You will need to take an olfa knife and make the lens opening a tad bit wider on the helmet to slip the lens in.

The main advantage i have found to this set up is that i can still use the cheap replacement lenses as opposed to the custom speedglas, miller, etc lens. I go through several clears a day when welding pipe and can't justify $3-$5 every time i change a clear.
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Re: Best Welding Hood?

I'm with TRM I use a old pipeline helmet not flip front. I like that I can easy get a welding lens or clear cheap. I like autos but if it breaks I'm out of a helmet. I have that and a pancake hood and love them both. If you weld mobile think about that. If some one drops something and your helmet is there (been there) CRACK and no helmet!!

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