Flatwork Prices

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Flatwork Prices

I'm curious what you guys are charging for new construction interior exterior flatwork. Typical 4" slabs, base within 2"

I'm seeing prices on here from $1.90/ft to near $6
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Re: Flatwork Prices

im getting 6 for spring rose colored right now.

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Re: Flatwork Prices

Make sense next time you post.
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Re: Flatwork Prices

Sounded like he says he's getting $6/sq' for colored, no??
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Re: Flatwork Prices

We are getting between 7 and 10 dollars a sq.ft. for a basic exterior colored stamp job here in N.W.Oregon.By basic I mean one color either integrated color or thrown powder and 1 antique release color with a feathered edge throw em down and go mat....like common slate or stone texture.If there is excessive tooling involved then the price goes up a little from there.
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Re: Flatwork Prices

90% of our slabs are structural (10-12") pour and finish only is $ 4.00 for <4000 sq.ft. and $ 3.50 for >4000 sq.ft. plus concrete and boom pump. price does not include forming or rebar, because each project/engineer specs are slightly different that is priced accordingly. Concrete is running between $ 110-130 yd. depending on area
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Re: Flatwork Prices

most structural concrete I do arround here comes to me in the form of small poured retaining walls and 18" stem walls for residential frame -ups.I have been charging $280 a yd for pour and finish and an another $1.50 a sq.ft for forming,so far I have quite a bit of work with that #
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Re: Flatwork Prices

Where you at Same Old? Havent heard your Humor for 6 months
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Re: Flatwork Prices

I'd like to see more on this topic. I'm thinking I need to raise my prices.

We do mostly residential garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, stamp work, starting to do mono slabs. 90% of our work is for builders. Some builders we do 100+ houses a year with, some ~30, some just a few. Our builder prices are turnkey- grading, forming, material, place and finish.

4" garage floor or driveway $2.45 - 2.85/SF

6" thick in apron areas, etc - $3.35-3.75

Stamped and colored stuff - $9

Mono slabs- typically 4" thick w/ 18" turndowns, including 6" stone, WWF, vapor barrier, rebar in turndowns- $5.10 - $5.50/SF

Private HO work- usually $3.50-$4/SF for 4" stuff, $10-12 for stamp. Depends on the size of the job and location. I usually have about $1000 minimum.

I get concrete for $100-110/yard depending on the supplier.
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Re: Flatwork Prices

Commercial floors here in OZ, 150mm thick F82 reo with trimmer bar,mono steel finish, client supplies reo,concrete,polly,pump,sub grade machinery and sand. From $12.50/m2.
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Re: Flatwork Prices

I have a small concrete buisness about 3,000 yards a year. I get $220 per yard for forming and finish. Floors I charge the same, thease are homes ranging from 2,000 sqft to 5,000 sqft. Pumps and conveyors are extra. I buy concrete at $90 per yard. So my floors are around 2.70 a sqft.

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