Spray Rig

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Spray Rig

question for you painting guru's. i had a painter on a job i'm working on give me a titan epic series paint sprayer, he got mad at it and bought a rig from home depot, at times the sprayer will not build up enough pressure to shut itself off or continue spraying properly, what i have found is that if you tap and i do mean tap, the fitting were the big feed hose from the paint comes into the spray rig it will build up pressure and work ok for a while then the same thing will happen, you can here the difference in the sound the pump makes when it is building up pressure. my question is, is this spray rig even worth trying to fix or could you give me an idea of what the problem might be. the painter that gave me the sprayer told me that he has had it for a few years now and that it once worked great, any help would be apreciated thanks wink
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Re: Spray Rig

Duct tape the fitting and feed hose, Titan's are great sprayers... so i'd save it.

Edit : I did it again... sorry. 80% of the time what you describe is due to an air leak either in the hose or the fitting, the other 20% is most likely a stuck inlet ball due to improper cleaning. I'd clean it realllllllly good and use duct tape to find out if the hose needs replacing or not.


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Re: Spray Rig

thanks, will give it a try
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Re: Spray Rig

Yeah titans die hard, like brush slinger said. Where the "big hose/intake line" goes into the sprayer there are some allen bolts. Loosen those up and take off that box looking housing. Inside is a floater valve. Its like a nickle with three tabs on the edges. That "nickle" floats up on the intake and then seats down on the opposite stroke. If there is debri prohibiting that "" from lying down all the way it will just want to keep pumping. Make sure that its clean of debris including the ball.

When you tap on it you are freeing up the debris. You should always use a filter screen for you paint. Its really easy to pull that housing.
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Re: Spray Rig

thanks guys, got the sprayer working, just ran lots of soapy water threw it then rinsed it out good. wild bill the painter must have just wanted a reason to get a new sprayer. i have to believe he knew he could clean it out. he's been painting a while. wow now all i have to do is learn how to use it. this out to be fun. thanks again wink
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Re: Spray Rig

If you have to tap the inlet to get it to pick up it's most likely a peice of debri stuck around the ball. You can run that blue brush cleaner, or like you did, soapy warm water through it and it should come out ok.

Lack of pressure can also be caused by scratches around the piston wall (what the packings ride on) A new throat is cheaper than a new rig.

Hope that Titan outlasts his home depot rig, just to show the kids to fix what they got before they buy new.
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Re: Spray Rig

The last post is a good idea, but it sounds also that it may need repacked. Loosing pressure is a good sign of it. Get a kit and do it yourself and you learn more how the pump works.

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