Options For A Lumpy Wall Other Than Skimming?

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Options For A Lumpy Wall Other Than Skimming?

Hi all!

Just did an estimate for a home with a wall that was once stuccoed, then sanded down and spackled over by the homeowner. Wall is defintely still lumpy. I suggested skim coating, but the client, who received other estimates, told me one contractor told them he would apply a "sheetrock" like material over the wall to make it new. The client called it "painters sheetrock" but had no idea other than that it waqs a sheet-like substance.

I know there is "Nu-Wal" out there, but that is really for cracked walls and would amplify lumpy walls.

Any thoughts on what could have been recommended? I was a bit embarrased!
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Re: Options For A Lumpy Wall Other Than Skimming?

Why be embarrased? If I could crawl into the mind of this homeowner, it would look like he wants a slick smooth wall without the price, or an easy way out. Once it has been finished like that, sand it smoothe, skim coat, (cracks may happen), or give it a knockdown finish.

But after a wall hass a massive texture finish, its really labor intensive. Unless its the whole house I would resheetrock.


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Re: Options For A Lumpy Wall Other Than Skimming?

"The client called it "painters sheetrock""

If I were to guess, I would guess the client's talking about 1/4" sheetrock just put over the existing wall. You don't put 1/4" up by itself - it's meant to cover existing wall imperfections.

As Steve the Foreman would say, "Forgive him Lord, for he doesn't know what he's doing."
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Re: Options For A Lumpy Wall Other Than Skimming?

"painter's sheetrock"
Maybe Nu-wall, or Flexi-wall, I would recommended either of these, or a skim coat. Only other option would be a heavy-duty non-woven liner, and after labor/materials, might as well have skim coated anyways.
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Re: Options For A Lumpy Wall Other Than Skimming?

Well, I fee a little better now--the options I gave the homeowner were exactly what you all recommended -- either skim-coat, place new sheetrock, or a nu-wal type product.

I thought there may have been something I was missing!!

Thanks all,

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