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Last Thread. Thank You All.

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Re: Last Thread. Thank You All.

Adios and godspeed.
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Re: Last Thread. Thank You All.

Originally Posted by VinylHanger View Post
Never saw any posts you posted, so dont really give a rip if you leave. What a whiney world it is that someone with a few posts thinks it matters much when they leave.

More just my thoughts on the internet as a whole than your post in particular.

That being said, I truly wish there had been some place like this to help me start out. I know I would be much better off in how I do things.

I have made a ton of mistakes, been to the edge of starving out a few times, over thought simple jobs and way under thought complicated jobs. I've had jobs go great, and jobs go not so great.

All that stuff still happens. So I suppose my point is you need to want and love doing this. It never gets easy, but hopefully you get to where you can weather the bad times and appreciate the good times.

I can guarantee that staying and learning here will be much better than leaving.

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Vinyl hanger, I agree 100% I too wish I had this forum to turn to when I was starting out.

If this guy leaves then fine, means nothing to me. Without knowing anything about this guy, what I find so frustrating is when younger people starting out in something, anything, think they should be at the same level as the grey haired guys.
I hope the next generation learn to put their phones away, heads down, open ears and shut their mouths and try working!

We're we like that? I truly don't think so. Anyway I hope this guy sticks around and has a go at this painting, no one said it was easy.
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Re: Last Thread. Thank You All.

Originally Posted by Ohio painter View Post
We're we like that? I truly don't think so.
I know I wasn't, started when I was 14 by 16 I had 2 jobs and painting on the side. Jumped from job to job worked my ass off 6 or 7 days a week, kept my mouth shut, made to the top of the ladder in each job. Nobody me taught anything except maybe how to carry a 40 footer fully extended upright... just what I wanted to know.

Wasn't until an almost 10 year employment with the same contractor that I started **** and didn't have to take it any longer.

I don't know what it is with the younger generation, expect to be overpaid but can't drive a screw or hammer a nail but sure know how to operate a cell phone.


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