Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

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Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

Do you think it is of high quality? What primer did you use?
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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

We're spraying Insl-X Prime Lock primer on graffiried Cedar & Fir Cabins. Where the graffiti bleads through the primer we're using Insl-X Sure Lock which is an alcohol based blocker aimed at other Shellac based products. If the Insl-X you want to use is as good and as price competitive as what we're using I'd recommend their products. Hope this helps you out a bit. When researching products to use I emailed Insl-X and had a reply in 24hrs, try asking them stating what you want to do.

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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

Never heard of it, but basically it is like BIN right?
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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

We've had it in our store for a few YEARS now.

It's in most ACE warehouses, so most ACE stores can get it if they don't normally stock it.

ACE came out with their version of it in late '07/early '08.
* It's called ACE Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint.
* The ACE is a 50-state legal, low-VOC variety. The CC isn't low-VOC, but it IS water-cleanup. To ME, neither one has much odor.

I've got these two side-by-side on the shelves.
* They're both Polyurethane-fortified acrylics...Hybrids!
* The ACE version is nice, 'cuz it uses 4 tint-bases.
* Therefore, ACE's can even do most Burgundies/deep tones.
* CC can only be tinted to pastel-shades, using their 1 tint-base (besides the NON-tintable White-base).
* To the best of my knowledge, there's no DEEP-tint CC-base...but I've been wrong b4...!
* Both of these level beautifully if not over-brushed. Brush on a FULL coat, and GET AWAY 'till the next day...and repeat.

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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

I've used it when refinishing cabinets for customers and they want a painted finish (as opposed to a glazed or other faux finish on the cabinets). Love the stuff. No need to prime unless going over oak or knotty wood. Sticks like glue and looks like a factory finish. Spray or roll. Great stuff. Nothing but good to say about it.
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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

I used it to paint over some stained/varnished cabinets a few years ago. Although Inslx states that no priming is needed, I'd recommend priming with BIN or Cover Stain first as I got some bleed through from the stain. Looked great, I don't know how well it has held up though.
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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

We have used it as well. Great stuff. We rolled it with foam rollers. Would have removed all of the fronts to spray, but time did not allow. No primer over previously painted cabs. They looked brand new.
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Re: Anyone Here Ever Use Insl-x Cabinet Coat?

I have to say that I am a huge fan of this product. I roll it on doors and trim using Dynamic's micro fiber roller covers and use Purdy's classic XL brushes. It levels out very similar to a sprayed finish. Is quite impact resistant. Has excellent adhesion. Very low odour. And most importantly one coat coverage of whites on whites is perfect. Squinting and scanning for imperfections reveals practically nothing.

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