Refinishing Corian

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Refinishing Corian

Anyone familar with refinishing Corian tops? Specificaly black w. white speck to a polished finish? I have a small vanity top that I started with 220 worked up to 800 dry then began to wet sand up to 2000 and ended with Weian's corian polish. Has the sheen of glass but I can see the marks from the sand paper in the finish. Should I be using a buffing wheel? I did all my sanding by hand, as the top is very small. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.
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Re: Refinishing Corian

I don't have experience working Corian in that way, but automotive finishes is much the same in working your way up in grit. You should be wetsanding, not dry, go back to 400, 600, 800 and 1200. The 400 should cut the surface nicely and you can probably get away with 800 and mechanical polishing.


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Re: Refinishing Corian

You'll need to go to a micron paper to remove all scratches- there are at least three different grades that I've used... and then it's just tedium. Oh, and use an orbital...


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Re: Refinishing Corian

I just picked up a set of 5" polishing "pads" for my orbital. They go from 400x to 2000x. Haven't tried them yet, but they should work good. A polishing compound and either foam or wool polishing pad would probably help as well

Edit: I should have looked closer, the 5" pads mentioned above go from 400x to 12,000 grit.

I got them at Lee Valley - going to try them on some different materials to see how they work
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Re: Refinishing Corian

If you use micron paper start at 100 micron, going thru all the grits 100, 80, 60, 40, 30, 15, 9, and finally 5 micron.....wiping the top down after each grit, checking it carefully.......then finish with 3M's "Finesse-It" buffing compound with an automotive buffer. This should give you a glass like finish....the biggest downfall is not checking after every step.....sometimes it's very difficult to see fine scratches until you've gone pretty far....and dark colors are the worst.
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Re: Refinishing Corian

Also use a solution of dishwashing soap and water for wet sanding, makes it a bit easier. Clean and dry the top between each different grade of abrasive. A red or white scotchbrite pad will give you a nice finish at the end but it will not be a high gloss finish.
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Re: Refinishing Corian

I used to be solid surface fabricator..... Use 180 grit then 220. Get the grey scotch brite and wet sand the edges. Sand the top again with 220 grit close to the edges to get gid of the light scratches on the top from wet sanding. Your next step is more wet sanding. Green,Blue and orange sandpaper from 3M. After each color you need to wipe off the top. (Don't let the top have dry spots when you wet sanding. Keep the top wet all the time.) After you done polish it up with some polishing compound. Hope this help.


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