Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

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Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

We are preping a shower for tile and poured the pan. I walked in and my guy had red guarded the pan(newbie). I told him stop and clean up for the day. I was going to have him scrape it off but do I really need to? Do you guys see a problem with leaving it on? I know the drain has weep holes for water down below so I never had red guarded the pan.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

How is the pan built? Is it on a slab or wooden sub? Is there a membrane attached to the drain, or is Redguard the only membrane? Is there a pre-slope under the membrane?


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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

Yeah, I'm like jazman, a "pan" can mean a lot. Did he redgaurd the subflooring, the preslope or the final slope? As long as you are doing a liner you should be fine, I first thought this was in regard to using redgaurd instead of a liner.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

if there is a preslope/liner/mudbed already and he used redguard over that, i wouldn't want that "liner" sandwich. if the redguard is the only membrane, was it done with the "donut"method" at the drain? what exactly was done?
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

If its a sandwich, it'll be mold city in just a few weeks.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

This is a poured to spec w/liner mud pan on a wood sub floor. The red guard was put on top of the mud pan. So if I were to lay tile right now it would go on over the red guard. Sauve de burro..... Scrape it off is what I was thinking but I needed to know if you guys agree or if it would be a waste of time. I did think of the mold......
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

Red Gaurd is actually a PERFECT Pan if you know what you are doing Instead of the putting in a rubber liner which I see as compromising architectural specs. Many of the past experiences I have seen is they want to put a liner behind cement board and these guys will chips out some of the 2x4"s. Now you now you are compromising the code. So Here is how Red Guard Is truly great product . Instead of Going out and Spending big dollar on a Kerdi system or Laticrete's High Dollar pan system Get the Latacrete Fabric part of the Pan System. You take the Latacrete mesh paint the Red Guard in the corners Apply the Mesh nice and neat then apply an outer coat of Red Guard. Move down to shower floor. Pull the Drain and unbolt the collar. Apply the Red Gaurd Do not be afraid to use it fill in what that Cement board is right to the floord Apply the Mesh and get it nice and smooth in the Red Guard. I usually have pre-made corners with the mesh gently Also I use an extra layer of the Mesh and Red Guard it come back the next Day and Red Guard the whole shower. and apply nice thick coat to the lower part of the Shower Let it dry. when I go back to get ready to pour cut the drain hole out gently look in see where the bolt holes are. Actually the holes will appear as dark spot with a descent light where you are working. Just make small whole where each bolt goes. apply the collar and your drain. What you have done has made the perfect container. It's much more superior to the out of dated method of rubber membrane. Second you have now eliminated the issue of wicking. I have had a couple of instances in the past where a plumber made a boo boo and forgot to shut of a shower valve and flooded the shower . No problem Pull the Filter on your Vac suck it up. Bottom line Yes Red guard is an EXCELLENT shower pan product it is speced by the "Tile Council Of America for Interior and Exterior use. Just fact alone that it is speced for exterior use should tell you the elements of the weather are far more harsh than you shower! That is just my half a cents worth. If someone tells you Red Gaurd is lousy product. I will be more than happy to challenge them. You provide the expenses I will come teach you how to make the ultimate waterproof shower all my contractor friends here use my method. Just my half a cents worth! Thank for the platform to communicate.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?



I don't think anyone was saying RedGard is a terrible product. There are many products that can flip the bill here. The benefit to a system is all the pieces are supplied for you and they are designed to work together. I don't think a person needs to take a material from one manufacturer and a second from a different manufacturer to "design" your own pieces. There are many ways to build an ultimate waterproofed shower.

And just to be clear, the TCNA does not recommend specific products. You will not find RedGard suggested or recommended by name in the Handbook.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

My point was they all have to meet a specifications Go to Custom Building Products site all the Specs are there Your right I do not know of any products that are endorsed. Same with the Latacrete Mesh . I am saying they MEET specification. I apologize for not being clear. I had only had one cup of coffee. In many years of doing what I did I found it to be full proof and actually one of the most cost effective ways to do a pan. I remember when Copper was believed to a Pan of choice those were real fun to ripp out back on the day when they took on water and rusted out LOL There will always be someone out come up with Better mouse trap. Thank God people keep thinking along those lines. Again I meant no disrespect. Thank you I appreciate your correcting me and reponse Angus
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

as Angus said, there are many liquid membranes out there that meet ANSI standard A118.10 & A118.12.

I have used RedGard for over 8 years and Laticrete's 9235 for 17 years, Hydroban and now new Hydro Barrier which requires a felt in the corners.

Originally Posted by NCHarley
and Red Guard the whole shower. and apply nice thick coat to the lower part of the Shower Let it dry.
also once your a little more versed in applying liquid membranes you will know the proper MIL thickness each manufacturer recommends so you wont have to guess on the thickness.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

I would not see a point in scraping of the red guard. If your weep holes are open & you have pre-slope under the membrane this isn't a problem. I would use epoxy grout though. The red guard will not let the moisture leave the grout and enter the cement. You are going to want your grout lines water as water proof as possible.
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Re: Red Guard On Shower Mud Pan?

It amazes me that so many guys think they have invented a method or procedure or something on their own. Just amazing!

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