Ever Use Liquid Nails?

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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

Holy crap, that is a great idea with the gutter inside the house, I will have to apply that some time, I will save it for the poor people that cant afford to have it fixed right.
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

Did you think about what size trowel you going to use with the liquid nails to get even coverage so there are no voids under the tiles? You have recieved some good advice from the people on here. Most of the people on here won't tell you how to do your job. They will give you advice and point you in the right direction, like the tile handbook mentioned previously. I learned about this book from this forum and bought one and learned from it. If you do install this tile and it fails becuase of the liquid nails you have nothing to stand on if the customer takes you to court. Your only defense might be that liquid nails says it's ok but they don't tell you how to install the tiles with it, so you would have to prove that you installed the tiles correctly using liquid nails. Did you find out what the tile manufacturer recommends using? Do they aprove liquid nails for securing their tiles? If you instal the tiles using the standards outlined in the TCNA handbook you at least have a leg to stand on.
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

Originally Posted by angus242 View Post
OK, most of this thread has been joking...including me. However, I did give you some of the best advice in this thread too....get the TCNA handbook and read OR use the search function and look at all of the useful information that's already posted here. That was in all seriousness and it is very good advice. If you think using Liquid Nails is a viable option, you do need to read more about tiling. You are not going to get all of the info you need to understand the basics of tiling in a simple reply here. That is not a joke. There is a lot more to tiling than just whether you can get it to....oh, that's right, I've already said that.
And yes, today....Christmas Eve, I am not working...good call
Sigh... Alright, let's look at your handy book:

Installation details for organic mastics as follows: F116-02, organic mastics over concrete subfloors; and F142-02, organic mastics over wood subfloors. TCA also has wall details W223-02 (solid backing) and W242-02 (gypsum board over metal studs), as well as details B413-02 (gypsum board) and B419-02 (coated glass mat) for bathtub walls.

The only question is to what is an organic mastic. Why is this an product an organic mastic but liquid nails is not?


is it maybe the solvent could stain thru the stone?
That's a thought but looking at the tile I put it on, there isn't anything there. Another thought is that a lot of the warnings about using non-cement adhesives is that they are in mind for ceramic tile which is much more porous than granite.

Did you think about what size trowel you going to use with the liquid nails to get even coverage so there are no voids under the tiles?
That's a thought too. This stuff is a bit more difficult to level out than mortar I would imagine.

Let's put away our instruction manuals and turn on our brains. This isn't going to go into anyone's home, so don't worry about it. Ultimately I don't even do any tile installation, it will all be done by qualified professionals such as yourselves

As I'm reading more about these adhesives they can fail in the sun's rays and were originally considered hazardous for your health. It seems like they've got quite the benefit though now in price and they weigh much less. Let's keep the discussion going like intelligent people without referring to instruction manuals.
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

I got a response from liquid nails, here is the response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. There is a good possibility that our standard formula will stain or discolor marble and granite. It may not show up right away. This could happen up to month after application.

For marble or granite applications, you can use either the LN-950 Liquid Nails Ultra Duty Polyurethane (available at ACE Hardware, Do It Best Hardware, Tru Value) or the LN-933 Liquid Nails Adhesive for Marble and Granite (available at Home Depot). I attached product data sheets for each of the products to this email.

Good luck with your project.

Technical Customer Service
Good stuff, looks like you can use liquid nails after all.
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

What was the TCNA's response?
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

Another response to this question is, WHY would you want to use it Its not like its cheaper than an approved method. I mean its not that damned had to mix up some mortar
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

Liquid Nails?? Mortar?? Backerboard?? I just tiled a countertop with granite tiles - all I had to do was peel the backer off and stick them down!!... you guys are all on glue
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Re: Ever Use Liquid Nails?

Okay myshtern, I'll bite.

Here's just a few good reasons not to use construction adhesive to affix ceramic, or natural stone tile.

1. You will never be able to achieve full coverage under the tile with construction adhesive. This is especially important when installing floor tile.

2. You will not have sufficient body under the tile to afford any on plane adjustments.

3. Cost.

4. Speed.

5. Not an acceptable industry standard.

6. It's just too darn messy to be practical.

7. Sniffing glue is hazardous to your brain cell count.

In your OP, you said this:
When tiling kitchen countertops with granite, we've had customers ask to skip the concrete backerboard and use liquid nails to secure the granite tile to thicker plywood.

What do you guys think of that?
However, later on in this thread, you said:
Let's put away our instruction manuals and turn on our brains. This isn't going to go into anyone's home, so don't worry about it.
Which is it?


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