Thank You Letter??

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Thank You Letter??

What do you guys include in your Thank You letters after a job is complete? I usually leave a copy of the warranty and some biz cards and tell them "thank you" for the chance to work with them etc. I would like to start leaving a thank you letter that could help me get more business through referrals. What do you guys include in your Thank You Letters. Give me an example!

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raycocity (08-03-2009)

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Re: Thank You Letter??

If the words are not critical, don't write them.

Don't combine your 'Thank You' with a request for referrals. That is like putting a business card with a Christmas card. Most people don't like to read long letters. A letter with very few words gets the same message out.
You can send a brochure that shows all your services.

You don't get a better grade for the quantity of words.

ABC Enterprises
12345 Main Steet
Decatur, Georgia 90234
(800) 55-5555

December 1, 2008

Mr. John Smith
54321 Jackson Street
CCCC, Ca. 90434

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for being a great customer. Working for you was a real pleasure.

Should you need anything, in the future, I am looking forward to providing you with our full range of construction services.

Thank you very much.


John Smith
ABC Builders


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swremodeling (07-26-2015)
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Re: Thank You Letter??

Send this below in a greeting card after the estimate with a gift.

Dear Mr. & Mrs Smith,

I want to THANK YOU for having us out to your property today. What a great home you have. We have enjoyed the privledge of giving you the estimate. Customer and personal relationships are very important to our company. Enjoy these brownies. If we can ever be of service please call us anytime about anything. If we can't help we can find out how. Please give me a call when you taste the brownies, so I will know when you have recieved them.


Send this after you get the JOB.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
As we are starting your renovation, I know there will be times when you have a question or concern. I want you to know that you can call us anytime at our office during business hours or you can call me at ***-***x.



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,

It has been a great pleasure working on your property. We find our work very rewarding. We hope you will have years of enjoyment. We want to THANK YOU from all of us here at (COMPANY). If I can ever be of service please feel free to give me a call. Please enjoy the (cookies or brownies).

SEND THEM A BIRTHDAY CARD on there Birthday. If they have kids do the same thing.

Here is what I am getting at. People like relationships. If you can stay in contact with your client you will always get referrals.

I send GREETING CARDS and brownies, cookies all the time. It takes me about 2 minutes to do it online and forget about it.

Staying in touch is so important in any business.
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Re: Thank You Letter??

Thank you guys very much. I am going to take ideas form both of you.
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Re: Thank You Letter??

My husband is a general and I have a greeting card business ( where I can make signed, sealed, add gift cards and or pictures when necessary, then deliver) at home. I am looking for ideas of how to thank clients for referrals and also for showing thier homes to new prospective clients. Most of the wording I find is from realtors, I think they send a lot of thank you cards!

When clients give us referrals we send them a thank you for the referral along with a gift card for a restaurant. When we get a new client we are sending a thank you with a Home Depot gift card. When they show thier home we are including restaurant cards as well, but I am looking for better wording besides "thank you for showing your home".

Any ideas or thank you note examples would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading & have a great day!
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phr2 (04-25-2016)
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Re: Thank You Letter??

Brownies....JR????? We are using the same cards, I bet! Are you a distributor? Do you know you get better pricing if you are?

I'm with you, I love how easy it is!
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Re: Thank You Letter??

I prefer hand writing thank you notes. Along with a nice bottle of wine.
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Re: Thank You Letter??

These are some great ideas! Personally, I enjoy writing Thank You cards that are short and to the point. Handwritten is a must - its just the right amount of sincere personalization.
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Re: Thank You Letter??

That's interesting, a hand written letter (brief) with your proper printed letter head on top sounds good. I'll think about it. Maybe a packet of ANZAC biscuits to go with it. Ummmm.
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Re: Thank You Letter??

Thank You

We want to thank you for choosing ___________ as your rebuilding contractor. ___________ strives to offer high quality rebuilding services to all of our customers and your business has been most appreciated! We are one the few rebuilding contractors that guarantees all work performed with a written warranty and if there is anything else that we can do to keep you satisfied please let us know.

___________ participates in various contractor review services offered by various groups and websites. If possible please write a brief review about our services on one of the websites listed below: Contractor reviews, nationwide. Local site of contractor reviews.

Thank you again for choosing ___________ as your rebuilding contractor and please keep us in mind should you need our services again.

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Re: Thank You Letter??

It's important to build relationships with your clients even after you've finished a job for them.

If you would consider them an "A" list client you would want to send them a card 4-6 times a year letting them know something about you! Maybe you've gone on a trip, had a baby, or some other memorable occasion where you can put a picture on the front of a greeting card.

Also, the most fun thing to do with a "Greeting Card Service", of which we use as a marketing tool, is to take a picture of the finished project (new home, addition, kitchen remodel, etc) put it on the front of a card & then offer to send the card to 20 of their friends (& you would have your business card scanned in) & have it on the card.

A service to your client, as they love to show off your work, and an advertisement for you.

Hope you found the above information valuable.


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Re: Thank You Letter??


Please note moderator edit above.

If you are a general (contractor) please do an intro in the introduction section and fill out your profile completely.
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Re: Thank You Letter??

Most of my working days were in the dark ages. No computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc. Not quite sure how we were able to function back then. But, my days were not interrupted with endless phone calls. Blackberries were what the wife turned into cobbler. Phone calls were made in the early morning hours or after 7:30 in the evening. Much more civil times. Anyway, I have never written a thank you letter to a client. However, a good number of them sent them to me. Hand written & sent with a stamp.


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