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Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

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Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

I heat my house with wood when the temps drop to keep my heat strips from coming on. Problem is that in the far end of the house, there is almost a 20 degree temp drop. I am trying to figure out if I can put in an inline fan ducted into insulated ductwork in my attic to move the air to the other side. Here is what my pea brain idea is:

fantech 240 cfm variable speed fan
2 25' runs of 6" insulated pipe

My questions are:

Is the cfm sized correctly?
Do I need to build a plenum above the stove to catch the heat?
Is this even possible?

Any suggestions of what I need to do here are welcomed.

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Re: Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

What I am most concerned about is sizing the cfm/duct size correctly. At least in my mind it seems that if the fan moves the air too fast it will either cool the air down before it reaches the destination or moves it too slow and it looses it by loss. Also, moving it too fast won't allow the air to heat up sufficiently before pushing it away.



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Re: Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

A buddy of mine put a wood stove in his basement, right below the cold air return of his furnace.
His theory was that the wood stove would heat the sheet metal and, in theory, preheat the cold air before cycling through the heat exchanger.

After the first winter, he wasn't happy, so he cut in a return grill above the stove. He's still not happy.

Personally, I enjoy programming the thermostat and walking away from it, but that's just me.

In your case, mixing the air throughout the house seems like the ticket, but not sure if ducting it through the attic is going to be beneficial overall.

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Re: Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

If you run a duct line(s) with fan, from ceiling level near stove to other rooms you will be circulating the warm air into the far rooms and in theory pushing the cold air back towards the stove. Locating the outlets as far away from the stove will give you the best air mix

To complete the circuit you could run a duct from floor level in the far rooms (intake) and pipe it to below the stove. Otherwise you may not get the circulation you want, especially if the rooms have closed doors .

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Re: Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

I'm wondering the same thing.

My house is all electric.....all electric baseboard heat. We put in a pellet stove on nthe 1st floor and have not turned the electric heat on in 2 years. BUT.....the 2nd floor is still chilly. I'm looking to somehow get more heat from the stove up to the 2nd floor. I'd like to do this without creating a direct path for sound travel too.
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Re: Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

We tinkered with this for years when I was at Tahoe. Theory sounds good but the the ugly head of practicality rears it's head. 6" duct is way too small & well under 100 CFM fan is best. Your runs are also too long. Quadrafire & probably others offer a ductable heat system. A buddy is putting one in his log house, but no results yet.

We had an ongoing experiment in a friends house. Only time we got any decent results was with 12"+ duct and about 60 CFM fan. Best results were with a gravity system and 10-12' run. Never got any measurable results with a run over about 16'. Maybe there is some newer technology out there or others with better results. In the end the best way to heat distant rooms was to get a hot fire going, open all interior doors & crack a window in the farthest room.
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Re: Ducting Heat From Wood Stove

Assuming it's a heat pump or you have an air handler it's already been done for you. Run your airhandler with fan in on posistion and heat set at lower temp.


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