Blower Motor In Old GE Furnace..

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Blower Motor In Old GE Furnace..

My furnace started making a humming sound today, so I pulled the front panels off. When I looked inside there was a fair amount of dust and stuff so I took a shop vac to it. When I got to the squirrel cage I noticed that the motor was hot. I can turn it by hand, but when the blower is supposed to come on, it just hums. If I rotate the fan by hand it will start but it's noisy and not up to speed. I'm guessing it needs a motor, but could it be something else? (starting capacitor, maybe?)

If it is the motor, where can I find one? It's a 1/3 hp, 4.8 amp, 115v, CW rotation, shaft looks smaller than 1/2" dia. I've looked on the web and can't find anything. Any ideas where to look for a motor? I can't afford a new furnace, I really need to fix this if possible.

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Re: Blower Motor In Old GE Furnace..

You will also need to know how it mounts, belly band, 3 legged bracket, resilient rings, etc...

You can pick those motors up at Graingers......or a lot of whoresale houses are just waiting to sell a home owner a $40 motor for $80. The extra $40 goes in their pocket btw..they need the money for beer and weed.

Your best bet is to pay a contractor $300 to replace it, then he can do a safety check and scold you about not changing your air filter.


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Re: Blower Motor In Old GE Furnace..

Yep you need a motor for sure, sound like you either lost a winding or a starting cap.

Best bet is to remove it and get a new one, most direct drives today are reveseable however due to the age of you unit you may also be into a new mounting system.

See if the motor has welded mounts on it, if it does you will also need a mount.

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