American Standard Freedom 80 2 Stage Problem

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American Standard Freedom 80 2 Stage Problem


I am having a problem with my AS Freedom 80 2 stage as well..I found this excellent forum by doing a google search looking for info. Here is my situation:

I have had this furnace since 1993. I began running the furnace in Nov. of this year as winter set it. Its ran fine until today. I am still trying to figure out the circumstances that my problem arises. So far today I noticed two times that my furnace was running and blowing cold air only. I looked at the diagnostic LED and it was flashing 2 short flashes(System flame). I turned power OFF to the furnace for 5 mins then reapplied. The furnace ran fine but several hours later it did the same thing. Moving the thermostat to the lowest setting didn't stop the blower..I again had to turn power off to stop it. After waiting about 5 mins I turned it back on and it ran fine. It has cycled through several heat cycles OK thus far. Now comes the interesting part. In HVAC Doc's one reply to ioeuropa's problem he mentioned "Just curious, did you have any electrical work done last year when it started working intermittantly such as breakers, main panel, circuit that furnace is on?" In my case the answer to that is YES! I used to have an 80AMP fused breaker box but in August 2003 I had a new 100AMP Main panel with circuit breakers installed and the furnace, as was all other circuits, were now on circuit breaker circuits. The part about this that is puzzling is that the electrical work was done last year and the furnace worked fine until now, about 16 months later?? Since HVAC Doc mentioned this it really has me wondering, or should I rephrase that to perplexed. I guess I will just have to monitor the furnace and see if it happens again and under what conditions. In the meantime if HVAC Doc has any input or thougths about my situation I certainly would appreciate hearing

Addendum...After posting this message the furnace came on and operated fine for about another 3 hours. However it just came on again and was blowing cold air. I went into the basement and it was flashing the 2 short flashes, blowing cold air and the air inducer fan was running. The burners were not lit. I shut power off to it for 5 mins and replied power. Its working OK now but for how long is anyones guess. This has been the routine the entire day totalling 3 power off/ons. I kind of feel the ignitor is OK since it lighting OK after a power off.

So to sum things up...the furnace runs fine for several hours but when it comes on(when it decides to malfunction) only cold air blows, flashes 2 short flashes, air induction motor running, blower motor running. Turning power off for 5 mins and back on solves the problem until it decides to reappear at x number of hours later.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Re: American Standard Freedom 80 2 Stage Problem

Hmmm I think 16 months later is probably enough to rule out the result of electrical work. Normally, it shows up right then and there. Have you had the furnace serviced or cleaned the flame sensor? It is the little rod sticking up in the path of your burners and has a (usually) white wire running to it. Remove and clean it with steel wool or a wire brush and see if that cures the problem. If not, I would suspect a board issue. No real way to say "Yes that is it" since no one there is able to actually see what it is doing. Good luck!


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Re: American Standard Freedom 80 2 Stage Problem

Thank you very much HVAC Doc for taking the time to reply to my message. I will clean the flame sensor as you suggest the next time the problem arises. Strangely enough the problem has not recurred. It was only on Xmas day that it happened three times. It has never happened prior to then and have not since then. When and if it does I will do as you suggest. I appreciate your help sir!

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