Dust Masks

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Dust Masks

What's a good sanding/sawdust/insulation face mask?

I've been getting the 3m 8210plus. Anyone know the difference between the 8210plus vs. R8811 with the cool flow nozzle?
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Re: Dust Masks

My capillarity is sensitive, I hate to wear dust mask..but do it and give preference for 9211. They are more soft around, allow breath easily and doesn't look like a tit

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Re: Dust Masks

I have the 3M 8271 P95 Respirator with Valve which I got from Toolup.com. They work good, they have a rubber seal around the edges which blocks everything out. They are a bit pricey, $31.23 for a box of ten. I figure it's worth it, you can't buy a new set of lungs for that much. I find with the cheap kind, about half the dust goes right around it.

I'm not sure about the kind that you mentioned. The pictures never show if they have that rubber seal around the edges or not, which I think is the important part.
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Re: Dust Masks

Can't put a price on your health, I have no problem paying 5-10 for a good mask, I usually can get a few days use out of it and its usually a take off item on my bid sheet.

What's the differ between the N95 and P95 series?
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Re: Dust Masks

Taken from the 3M website:

"Chief among these is a NIOSH approval rating (such as N95). These ratings start with a letter, N, R or P. The "N" indicates a mask that is non-oil resistant. That is, the electrostatic properties of the filter media will be compromised by the presence of oil mist. The "R" indicates a mask with oil-resistant filters. If oil aerosols are present, the mask should be discarded after 8 hours of use. The "P" indicates an oil-proof filter. If used in an environment containing only oil aerosols, dispose of mask after 40 hours of use, or 30 days, whichever comes first."
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Re: Dust Masks

I wear a North 7700 1/2 face respirator. Easy to clean, has removable cartidges. Cost a little more than than mask, well ok so it cost a lot more but so much more efficient. But once you buy the mask all you really have to replace are the cartidges and they are not that bad. Plus I use the same mask with OV cartidges when painting. PS I hate insulation so I have a North 7700 Full Face respirator. Cartidges are interchangable with the 1/2 face. Not cheap but it sure is nice to not have the itchy-red eyes.
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Re: Dust Masks

We have 3M and AO Safety half and full face respirators.

I personally use the 3M respirators, I think the 7000 or 7500 series.

Dust really affects me and a simple mask won't cut it since I have a beard and can't get a good seal.
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Re: Dust Masks

My boss provided us with the 3M and so far so good.But somebody suggested another brand and size.
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Re: Dust Masks

Originally Posted by Resta View Post
My capillarity is sensitive, I hate to wear dust mask..but do it and give preference for 9211. They are more soft around, allow breath easily and doesn't look like a tit
What's wrong with having a tit on your face?
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Re: Dust Masks

Originally Posted by mudpad View Post
What's wrong with having a tit on your face?
Or in your face, for that matter.

In all seriousness, I have been very lax about using dust masks. Over the past year, I have noticed that it bothers me more and more, and have now put dust collection and filtration as a high priority when working. I try to catch as much as possible at the source, with a dust collector and Festool CT22 vac. HEPA on both. I also installed HEPA's on my Shop-Vac and Fein. Now I have just installed a Powermatic PM1200 air filter for the shop as well. It has helped a lot. Still not as dilligent as I should be on the dust masks, but I'm a lot better. I especially hate wearing them when it's hot. I live in Mississippi, where that can be an issue. Still looking for some I really like, but I'm guessing that's probably not going to happen. I was considering one of the powered respirators, but that just looks too
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Re: Dust Masks

I use the 3M 62023DHA1-A. Pretty good mask for the money and the pink dust covers match my underwear

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Re: Dust Masks

Is that mask have n100 rated filters for it?
i like the drop down feature
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Re: Dust Masks

OSHA does not require a mask unless it is determined one is needed, then it must be OSHA approved. Using a non approved mask suggests that it was determined one was needed in which case you are violating regulations.
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Re: Dust Masks

Also, FWIW if it is a respirator (read 2 bands on head) then you are required to be tesed for lung capacity (forget what that is called now) and fit tested for the respirator if you fall under OSHA regs.

Not sure if the N95 dust masks would get an exception, but I know some safety guys would rather you breathe crappy air than get some filtration without certification

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