Elevated Concrete Slab?

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Elevated Concrete Slab?

Just got a lead - a customer wants a slab on grade and and elevated slab on brick columns w/ alum rail. Anyone done this on residential? Trying to imagine building sequence and finish look under/over slab as well as attachment to house.

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Re: Elevated Concrete Slab?

A couple of thoughts. If the slab is attatched to the house, it needs its own foundation. A slab supported only by columns will need some serious re-bar in it.

I would suggest getting an architect involved with this one. Here they will want an engineers stamp on the structural aspects for the permit.


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Re: Elevated Concrete Slab?

SOP, Steel lolly columns, boxed in, covered in brick veneer. Framed with I beams and corrugated steel decking, Forget joining to the house for support, seperate lolly columns along house for support. You need a good steel guy to lay out the job, Underside block in underside with 2x mat between I beams, finish as required. GMOD
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Re: Elevated Concrete Slab?

We're doing one now, an ultra-modern house on the beach.
Steel I beams with corrugated steel/concrete supporting the second floor. Being ultra modern, they are going for the metallic look and left the corrugated steel and I-beams exposed.
Cabinets are white and got a grey 2 mm edge banding to replicate a metallic look.
It's all very different but looks better than I thought it would.

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Re: Elevated Concrete Slab?

TJI, BCI joists and an engineer. Seen many built along these lines even some built with 2x10 and gluelam beams. Usually the slope is built into the frame and then is sheathed with 2 layers 3/4" T&G with an EPDM membrane to isolate. The edge should extend past the beam/frame with a detail for the water to drip off instead of trying to run back under.

I have seen a number of these crack and when they do it makes it look like poopy. Personally I don't like them but they have their advantages.
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Re: Elevated Concrete Slab?

Maybe precast, hollow core concrete planks would work for you? I love those things. The engineering is done. The underside is nice and clean. Set tile or brick on top for even more awesomeness.


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