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Electrical Problem With Home

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Re: Electrical Problem With Home

Originally Posted by Morning Wood View Post
My sister has a well
Water is actually not a good conductor (relative) of electricity, however, a metal well casing is, and if the home is not well grounded, lightning could find its path thru the wiring to the well pump.
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Re: Electrical Problem With Home

Originally Posted by SmallTownGuy View Post

thought this was about electricity, not water?

I was replying in response to the mentioning of plastic water lines and being grounded to neighbors through water lines etc.
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SmallTownGuy (11-29-2017)
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Re: Electrical Problem With Home

Originally Posted by Morning Wood View Post
I was replying in response to the mentioning of plastic water lines and being grounded to neighbors through water lines etc.

My well is all plastic from casing to the piping up to the Weltrol tank.

And the rest of the house is a mish mash of plastic & metal.
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Re: Electrical Problem With Home

Originally Posted by svankirk View Post
Honestly - and I mean no offense to anyone - but I'm skeptical that the ground rod is only useful for lightning protection. Plastic service pipes are an example of why. Something has to provide a "safety" ground for any metallic chassis in the house (appliances, etc.). If the ground rod was useless for this - and if the house was fed with a plastic service pipe - a safety ground wouldn't exist. In theory.

And by "safety ground" I'm not referring to a neutral-like conductor intended to carry the normal operational currents of the house loads. I'm referring to something that gives an earth ground reference to the house wiring for safety purposes. In fact, it does not carry current under normal circumstances. It's there so that if the hot shorts to the case of my toaster, the breaker will trip - regardless of whether the neutral at the pole is broken.

Again, utilities/power distribution isn't my area of expertise so I'm treading lightly here. There may be practical, hands-on things I'm unaware of. But some of my EMI background relates to understanding the different uses of "ground" (i.e. circuit board return paths vs. safety ground, etc.).

No offense intended. Still looking to learn from the experts. Thanks for your input.

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Well, there are UFER grounds where you are required to bond to the rebar in the houses footings instead of using ground rods. Better, but that still doesn't get you anywhere near the current carrying capacity of the neutral conductor. Unfortunately if you don't have a metallic municipal water system to bond to you better not lose your neutral.



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