Texas-whats The Going Rate?

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Texas-whats The Going Rate?

I was wondering what other subs are charging in texas. Is it me or does it seem like owner's and general's and are wanting to pay less and less. That is when you can get them to pay at all.
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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

Right now going rate its oats for silver and a bottle of whiskey for Tonto

Yep I be here all week. Thank you thank you very much


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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

Texas is brutal...People are slaving hard for their money here.
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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

Well these good ol' boys down here ain't slavin' Can't get a pulse for less than $5.00 an hour and I don't know what I'll do if wages go any higher. I'm dern near payin' one guy $7.00 an hour and he's just a journeyman
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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

Ya dun picked the wrong place fer sucha a question boy!
Something to One may be Nothing to another!

Ultimate Wisdom---------
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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

Why do owners and GC's get such a bad rap, I don't know why folks don't just go out on their own when they know everything and have all the leads and experience,,,Gee Whiz

I say I'll pay you ***xx and you say you got a deal, and then it's wahhh!!! I can't make it on these peanuts.If it wasn't for the G.C.'s and owners,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well atleast some of you get the picture.
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Re: Texas-whats The Going Rate?

I was talking with a fellow rocker down there last night and he said there are to many Mexican crews working everything for pennies on the dollar, I was looking at heading down there, he told me don't waste your gas or time. I did a check on the Bureau of Labor stactistic Data. according to their numbers the Mountain States are doing the best out of the whole Country.
as for prices it seems all you ever hear about is how everything is getting done cheaper, I think the States need to crack down. and intil then it's going to stay this way. Cause you have to remember these are jobs Americans wont do?

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