Fast Mud Repair

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Re: Fast Mud Repair

I saw my drywall guy just yesterday do 3 coats of "5" on a smaller patch (shower ceiling) and had it paint ready in less then 3 hours total (INCLUDING dry time). Yes they had a hair dryer.

Amazing. It only needed a touch of feathering around the edges. So yes it's possible with a pro doing it.
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

it was your hole, wasn't it?!

damn sparky's....
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

Shows how slow I am at muddying lol. I honestly would have 1/5 a bag on the wall before it went off.
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

Originally Posted by world llc View Post
it was your hole, wasn't it?!

damn sparky's....
Kinda sorta!
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

Originally Posted by 72chevy4x4 View Post
an important note mentioned earlier is not too thick of a base coat.

I had the heat gun out today trying to move a time sensative patch along...but how much does heat help setting compound?
After it has set, it dries it right out. Before it has set, there's a risk you dry it before it has set all the way, leaving weak compound.
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

20 is about as fast as I want to try. I feel like if I tried 5 min in my mud pan for a small repair, I would wind up with my 2" putty knife I use mix it with stuck in a rock.

Or does it stay plliable as long as it is being mixed?
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

Originally Posted by Sir Mixalot View Post
Ok good.
Two coats of 5 minute mud.
Final skim of thinned AP.
Then use a Heat gun:
That's exactly what we do too. I just did it on Wed. minus the heat gun as we didn't need to paint the same day so I had time to let it dry.
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

I use those cheap plastic pans for hot mud. after it gets hard in the pan , just twist it and it falls right out. Ready for the next batch.
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

You guys should try this - buy a bag of quick set plaster. Mix it 50/50 with sandable 90.

I keep this in a pail. Now all I have to do is mix it when on site.

The plaster lets you trowel it smooth as it sets. No sanding required.

It seems if you can't buy it in a bag, nobody wants it. My plasterer showed me this trick 30 years ago.
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Re: Fast Mud Repair

Originally Posted by world llc View Post
for small patches there is a neat trick to over cut the patch piece and score and snap the back to size leaving 1 to 2" of paper on the face to bed into 5 minute mud. that and a heat gun, youll be home in time for lunch!
It's called a "hot patch". Used to do them a lot.

Also, cut piece of drywall to size, screw a piece of wood backer to inside wall (i usually use 5 gallon paint sticks, cut to size), then put patch in, screw to backer, tape,mud,etc.

I know a couple people who took a piece of builders paper, dipped it in Gardz, then placed it over a hole and smoothed it out. Said it dried incredibly hard. May be good for anything less than 2"

Nowadays, I just buy the peel and stick metal patches. They're too easy, and they're quick.


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