Drywall Bubbles

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Drywall Bubbles

Hey Guys,

Does anyone have a suggestion for a joint that has slightly bubbled? I did not notice the bubble until I had already put 2 coats of primer on it. Also, if I can't fix the bubble, would white paint or beige paint hide this imperfection better?

FYI: This is a small one room job and as I live in a very rural area, I could not get a pro to even look at the job, hence why I am doing it myself.

Thank you.
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Re: Drywall Bubbles

Cut out (remove) tape that did not bond. Replace with narrow mesh tape that should fit below/under old mud buildup. Refinish and repaint.


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Re: Drywall Bubbles

Forget the mesh tape, its useless, just cut the bubble on one end, fold it back, put mud behind it, fold back up, let dry and re-coat on top. OR just cut out, forget the mesh and re-coat without any tape.
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Re: Drywall Bubbles

Okay, maybe I'm only an electrician, but I'm generally around when punchlist stuff like this is being fixed. Seems like they pretty much just cut out the bubble and coat it just like a scuff or scrape would be fixed... no tape. It's just a bubble, not a whole seam, so no big deal.
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Re: Drywall Bubbles

Useless????? 95% of all my work is done with mesh tape with durabond first coat. Angles get straight flex. Most of my work is small jobs,remodels,elec.,plumb. changes,and water damage.
I don't have time to use paper tape,which requires loger first coat dry time...... Let me add I do prefer paper on certain repairs.
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Re: Drywall Bubbles

The primer you applied to the repair wont allow the bubble to dry, locking moisture in. i would cut it out the bubble and if your pressed for time use a fast drying compound ie. durabond 20/30/45 min. and you can finish it the same day. keep in mind you do have to have decent finishing skills to use the faster drying compound it can result in more sanding. the problem you have with small patches like that will always stand out because they will tend to bleed through the paint even with spot priming because most wall paint is semi-gloss for easy cleaning of the wall. you could use a flat paint will hide imperfections better but the drawback is that is scuffs easier and doesnt clean up as well as a semi-gloss. normally you use a flat paint on the ceiling.


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