Smoke Shelf

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Smoke Shelf

How many guys use a smoke shelf?

How many think you don't need a smoke shelf?

Some guys use them because thats just how its done but does a smoke shelf really function other than just taking the downdraft and spinning it to keep it from blowing your fire all over the floor?

How about Round liners vs. Square i know thats a hot topic, although most places don't even stock round liners, but the physics of a round liner just makes sense.

Give me your 02 .
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Re: Smoke Shelf


I'm a little mean, but I make up for it by bein' real healthy. Earnest T. Bass
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Re: Smoke Shelf

Yes to a smoke shelf. Makes a downdraft bounce back up if constructed properly.

No to the round flu pipe, illegal in some areas. Illinois is one state they are not legal I have been told. Not sure why except for old drainage tile was clay and fired, maybe not the same process as chimney flu therefore more likely to fail?
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Re: Smoke Shelf

Yes to a smoke shelf.
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Re: Smoke Shelf

yes...smoke shelf is a integral part of the firebox
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Re: Smoke Shelf

Yes, i use. Yes, you need. Smoke does swirl, but i use square, though they do sell round, 'round here.

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Re: Smoke Shelf

Yes to smoke shelf...we use both round and square flue tiles depending on configuration. Have also used Industrial stainless steel flue for masonry fireboxes on occasion
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Re: Smoke Shelf

yes to smoke shelf - we are doing a repair right now to add one that was not installed. HO can't light the fireplace without filling the house with smoke. There are a few other issues as well.
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Re: Smoke Shelf

Absolutely yes to a smokeshelf....whenever I get asked to look at a smokey fireplace, I know what I will usually find...1) the damper is too low, sometimes AT the height of the opening...2) no, or almost no smokeshelf...3)undersized, or choked off flues..4) too short a stack...Every now and then it will be none of the above, but these cover almost all problematic fireplaces.....I did a job in a small CT town where the building inspector insisted that he not see daylight looking up the fireplace opening. Now of course the only way to do that is to have a smokeshelf about 12-16" deep...I thought it was an odd requirement, one that is nearly impossible to do with 99% of your average set of blueprints....but I have never seen a whisp of smoke from any fireplace that has that deep a shelf, so count me in as a firm believer...also yes to round flues, I use those quite a bit lately, but they seem more a regional choice, west, southwest. With picky inspectors, they help as well, as you can usually go 1/12 of the fireplace opening as opposed to 1/10 with square or rectangular....I like em.....
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solar guy
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Re: Smoke Shelf

yes to shelf
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Re: Smoke Shelf

I say yes to the round flue liners. Most of the chimneys we build today are built with round Chimtek liners. When smoke goes up a chimney it don't turn corners it swirls around.
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Re: Smoke Shelf

Smoke shelf---never build a fireplace without one

Been a while since I've shopped, but never recall seeing round flue liners in Austin--Maybe Tscar can bring me up to date as to what's available.

John VanCamp
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Re: Smoke Shelf

We have always used one for every fireplace.

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