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Rebar And Fibermesh

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Re: Rebar And Fibermesh

Dealing with misbehaving fibers.
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Re: Rebar And Fibermesh

Originally Posted by fjn View Post
I'm telling ya, been there, done that, and its just a nice story.

And no, homey ain't paying no 5K for an epoxy finish to seal the stuff in either. I was young & dumb & thought glass was awesome because somebody said it was awesome.

These guys do a nice job of polishing & saw cutting:
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fjn (09-23-2017)
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Re: Rebar And Fibermesh

thicken the perimeters and under all load bearing walls 2 to 4" use chairs for ALL the bars or hire extra rod busters to insure all steel is lifted into position. One could also double plate the mud sill or sub 4" x lumber to spread out point loads on the light duty grade beam.

the large door(s) will need a little more footing crete &steel at the Jambs( more yet if the trusses bare on the doorway lintel) and special attention to freezing at the threshold as the door it self will be much colder then the wall assemblies.

Air entrained concrete can be easier to finish at lower Water to Cement Ratios... add the soap/air entrainment additives...

~14 Yards of crete would add an inch EVERYwhere...At ~2k$ It doesn't cost any more to finish thicker slabs, just the pumping/wheel barrow cost.

Is the shop to heated 24/ 7 in the winter? The Canadian style insulation was placed adjacent outwards from the perimeter, and 'waste" heat and ground heat kept the under home soil from freezing.

Wet soil and cold wind with out snow cover and your house is heaved up on frozen soil lenses.....broken sewer & water lines
No 3000 Sq. ft. slab will survive differential heaving during a bad winter.

Ask to see local homes and shops with the EXACT same insulation detail and see if they are suffering cracks and frost damage....
Is that detail even approved for any federally insured mortgages?

What people DO and what actually works often aren't the same....
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Re: Rebar And Fibermesh

Is not most Fiber for concrete now PLASTIC fiber mesh vs fiber glass/melted stone fibers......

In the South West post tension slabs are common, to keep the pieces of the slab laying closer to each other as the exspansive soils move about in varying moisture states.
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Re: Rebar And Fibermesh

Just an FYI, I have fibers in every yard of concrete we pour. With steel or even without.

If a "hairy" surface bothers you, burn it with a weed burner. It hasn't been a problem for us, and the charge for fibers is $2 a yard. Hardly a big deal, and added insurance. I poured and finished 48,000 sq/ft of concrete in the last few months, most 6 inches, and all with #4 16 on center, and I still used the fibers.


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