Hairline Cracks In Stucco?

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Hairline Cracks In Stucco?

Can anyone point me to official guidelines on stucco cracks? Are hairline cracks acceptable? I have a whiney homeowner that claims a 5 foot hairline crack means the house is defective.
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Re: Hairline Cracks In Stucco?

Happy to help:


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Re: Hairline Cracks In Stucco?

Stucco Cracks
Stucco cracking is one of the most
common homeowner complaints.
In part, this is a matter of
education: Homeowners should be told
to expect minor cracks as the stucco
shrinks. But itís also a matter of work-
manship. Many cracks could be avoid-
ed by paying attention to control joints,
proper attachment of lath, allowing
enough time between coats, and moist
Some industry experts recommend
that any cracks 1/32 inch or wider
should get some type of aesthetic repair,
especially in smooth finished stucco.
On the other hand, NAHBís manual,
Quality Standards for the Professional
Remodeler, allows a gaping 1/8 inch.
Whatever your standard, itís best to be
up front with the client and establish
realistic expectations early in the
The repairs for non structural stucco
cracks might involve applying
Thurolastic knife-grade filler and a stuc-
co fog coat over the entire wall plane,
using a brush-on elastomeric sealant
feathered to match, or dusting in a
matching color coat and allowing the
moist night air to cure it.
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Re: Hairline Cracks In Stucco?

i just did an assessment on the cracking of stucco of a bad stucco job. I mention to the owner that proper moisture and curing time is very important. What are the causes of cracking?
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Re: Hairline Cracks In Stucco?

Cracks happen, so it goes by a case by case basis. If the houses is new or in an area that was remodeled and painted, then put some elastomeric paint on the crack and topcoat with finish color. If the stucco is colored, then you are SOL.

Lots of factors can lead to cracking. Improper dry times before coats, thick coats, bad lathing. Or it can have to do with bad framing, support, drainage towards the foundation, who knows....
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