Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

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Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

Hello All,

I hope this is the right place for this. We recently poured the foundation walls for a new house in Massachusetts (tough weather for it, I know). The plans called for the frost wall for the walkout basement to extend to a height of 4" above the footings for the main foundation walls so that when we poured the 4" concrete basement floor, the top of the frost wall would be flush with the basement floor. Instead, the concrete subcontractor poured the frost-wall for the walkout basement to the same grade as the top of the footings of the rest of the foundation walls.

Our plan is to pour the concrete floor after the house has been framed. But, given the height of the frost-wall, we worry about pouring concrete against the pressure-treated wood that would be used during the framing. Does anyone have experience in a situation like this? Is there a way to frame the house before pouring the slab given the height of the wall?

I hope this makes sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

I would nail a treated 2x4 on edge under the bottom plate. In the spring when they pour the floor, concrete will still be able to get under and support the bottom plate.


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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

Did the contract with the concrete sub specify that they would build to the plans?
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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

Thanks for the responses. That's potential solution nailing a 2x4 on edge to give the extra height. The only thing I worry about is then the sill won't fully be anchored to the foundation?

Yes, the concrete contractor's contract included that the work should be done to the plans and scope of work. Unfortunately, his schedule is such that it could be a couple of days before he is able to resolve the discrepancy. This obviously creates delays and pisses off our framer--so we are exploring work-around options. But, maybe we are better off waiting and doing it right...
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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

What's preventing you from laying 4-inch block.
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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

I’d do a triple PT sole/sill plate (4-1/2”) on the walk out wall. Bill the foundation guy for extra materials and labor.

Tack some house wrap or felt about a foot or so high to the inside of the studs so you can score it and peel it off after the floor is poured so you (or your drywall guy) don’t have to spend hours scraping the chunks of concrete off the studs.

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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

This is a contractor forum not a homeowner forum . Sorry.
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Re: Frostwall Height And Basement Slab Floor

Frame the walk out wall like the kerb footing was poured, on the 4 1/8" tall blocks, screw a temporary 2" X 12" on the outside hanging down 4" the whole length of the bo-bo, pour the concrete, when set remove the 4" block patch with concrete mix to keep rats and mice out....

Drill in 8-10" long expansion anchors 4' over center or as required by BI through sole plate.

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