Cleaning Concrete

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Cleaning Concrete


Does anyone know of anything that will remove tire marks from a concrete driveway.

The drive was poured last year, and it has fairly smooth finish on it, so it really shows the tire marks.

I was going to used dilluted muriatic acid, and pressure wash it, but I'm not sure if that'll get the tire marks off.

Someone said they used brake cleaner on their walk to remove tire marks, but it was painted.

Is their anything that will loosen the rubber up enough so I can pressure wash it off?

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Re: Cleaning Concrete

Acid won't have any effect on rubber, I can tell you that.

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Re: Cleaning Concrete

Acid will only etch it.and if anything make it stand out more.Possibly tri sodudium phosphate and a good scrub.Keeping concrete wet while driving on it with heavy loads such as a forklift will keep the black marks from sticking.
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Re: Cleaning Concrete

Gas will take the rubber off if I remember correctly. I think my cousin and I used it once when we were 15 and put a couple of blackies on his old mans driveway with the old Crown Vic police car lol. Good times... good times. Althought it didnt get all if it off, it did get quite a bit.
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Re: Cleaning Concrete

I'm hoping the pressure washer will get a lot of it.

The TSP sounds like a good idea, I've gotten a lot of things off with the liquid form.

I'm a little wary of using gas, the price for one, the environmental impact, and then theirs the danger of getting turned into a crispy critter.

I'll probably go with TSP and scrubin, before pressure washing.

If that doesn't work, I'll try the brake cleaner.

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Re: Cleaning Concrete

Rubber isn't a "stain" per se, so mechanical action will usually get it off. TSP and elbow grease and a pressure washer should do it.
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Re: Cleaning Concrete

Many chemical companies make rubber removing solutions. Techni-Seal (my company) and ProSoCo are two that I know of that have effective products, and they're pretty inexpensive as well. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.
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Re: Cleaning Concrete

Phil is that you

Tim D Ontario Can.
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Re: Cleaning Concrete

You can use a buytl based cleaner in conjunction with your pressure washer to remove tire mark.
Purple Power and castroil Super Clean are 2 that are readily available at auto parts store.
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Re: Cleaning Concrete

When I cleanedm y patio and apron I used my pressure washer and some commerical grade soap, and it work prety good. Try that out and see if it works.


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