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Who Is At Fault?

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Re: Who Is At Fault?

What day did you call the plumber? Sometime there's no time.
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Re: Who Is At Fault?

At this point it doesn't matter who's at fault. Pay a camera guy to locate and identify the problem, worst case is you pull up some floor and jackhammer some concrete, hire a different plumber to fix it, then put it all back together. When you're done look back and see if there is anything you can do to prevent it from happening again.
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Re: Who Is At Fault?

That is the other issue with him. He was suppose be finishing us up 2 weeks ago already. He called Monday before last saying he was having a baby and he wouldn't be coming till Wed. of that week. We said our Congrats and we were quite understanding and said no problem. Well, Wed of that week rolled around, no plumber so we said well let's give him till Thursday, still no plumber. We call then and he says he's just too busy and he will send someone out in his place on the following Monday. So he put us off a whole week and we were pretty patient. Well this other plumber he send out this week found the sink non drainage on Thursday and called our Plumber to which our plumber said he would swing by that day and look at it. Well when Friday came and still no plumber, not even the helper plumber he send out we called him. After about 20 times and I can show you my phone of him not answering, he said he cannot make it till Tuesday. I'm thinking why are you so busy? You actually took off on our job to go get busy somewhere else.
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Re: Who Is At Fault?

My thinking is we should hire another plumber and bill it him. Although you would think he'd want to finish us up as we still owe him quite a bit on his last draw.
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Re: Who Is At Fault?

Originally Posted by starlalabs View Post
My thinking is we should hire another plumber and bill it him. Although you would think he'd want to finish us up as we still owe him quite a bit on his last draw.
Sometimes the schedule gets away with you but from what you've described it seems he is managing your project and not the other way around... new kid, lack of sleep, crazy schedule, we can all appreciate, but patience has its limits...

Two weeks, multiple reschedules?...

Since he gave you Tuesday, follow-up with an email/text and make it clear that you've been more than patient but he's holding things up and it's costing you time/money... tell him Tuesday is drop dead day and no more excuses will be accepted going forward...

As you develop a relationship with a group of subs over time, you'll find out quick who are the reliable ones and who are not... you'll also find it in your best interest to be sure to be the reliable GC as well (i.e. - schedules, deliveries, payments, etc.)...

Just a bump in the road... keep pushing and you'll get over it and passed it...
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Re: Who Is At Fault?

Thanks KAP. Good Advice!
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Re: Who Is At Fault?

1: Did YOU watch the pour of the slab, count the trucks, get the tickets, take the concrete samples into custody.... See the vapour barrier wasn't molested, or poked to speed finishing??? inspect the control joints spacing and depth.....

Was the steel lifted into proper position?, Post tension cable or not? Rat barrier/frost footings to code & take pictures, foam/insulation inplace unbroken.

No heavy wheeled vehicles driving over plumbing or other buried utilities.

DVW stacks pass air test?

If you didn't watch, Who knows?

Why couldn't you hydro cut the plug out immediately after discovery.

Why didn't the concrete worker tell his boss when a garden hose could of washed it out to a clean out for pennies.....
Illegal alien laborer afraid to loss his criminal job slot????
Low bid Concrete Masonry????

If You hire criminals, Don't expect integrity at any level, IF you hire subs that hire criminal alien "workers" you're just another better paid crook IMHO.

Building in a criminal free environment where the Rule of Law dominates, is of course completely different than the Jungle rules of Mobbed up labor and Machine run City and State governments, or users of alien criminal labor.
No illegals involved I apologize...


I might be an Idiot, but I know things that You don't: Please wait till after you get my know-how to insult me....

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