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Stucco Over Wall Framing

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Stucco Over Wall Framing

Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. About a year ago I bought my first house in the upstate NY area. I've already done quite a bit of work to it. My next project is going to be to correct an issue on the exterior of my house. When the house was built, one more course of block should've been used on the foundation, but it wasn't. As a result, the sill plate is pretty close to grade in some spots. The other issue is that the siding is T1-11, which I'd like to side over it with hardie fiber cement. Since the T1-11 comes in 8' sections, the areas where the walls are more than 8' high have exposed 2x at the bottom (very bad). It appears that a black tar like treatment was applied to the wood and it all still seems pretty solid except the t1-11 is getting spongy where it runs too close to the ground. As I see it, my option is going be:
1) snap a line corner to corner one the back and side of the house 6-8" off the ground. And set the depth on my circular saw and rip off a strip of the T1-11 on both sides.
2)apply an underlayment and/or vapor barrier then use either PT plywood and wire lath or cement board over the exposed exterior wall and stucco over it.
3) then I can use a pvc azek 1x and trim out around the bottom of the house overlapping the seem between the cement and the T1-11.

My goal is to make the foundation appear higher than it is using rot resistant materials and to seal up the house better from weather and bugs. So my question is; will this work? what is the correct way to do step 2? What are the correct materials to use and in what order do they get layered?
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Re: Stucco Over Wall Framing

You took the best answer off the table, add a course or two of CMUs to your existing basement, makes the basement Much more valuable.

Why not regrade the yard so the house is above grade????.

Demo the rim joists and lay another course of masonry, use a ledger board to carry the floor joists....... then repair the rotten materials with treated and or water proof products...

Where does the water vapor go that is constantly emitted by in ground Masonry?????.

Dig out adjacent to the house a reverse swale and excavate and install a washed rock next the basement above a tile that goes to day light, think giant window well with drain...
Or same thing with retaining wall near house.

Fix the real portions, then play with the faux finishes, fake won't dry up rotten sills that are under grade.


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