Maibec Shingles

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Maibec Shingles

is anyone having issues with Maibec shingles?.... we are having trouble and Maibec is not helping, or admitting in writting that anything is wrong... Let us know if you have issues with Maibec products
Thank You
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Re: Maibec Shingles

curious, what kind of problems??

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Re: Maibec Shingles

Shingles are cupping, curling and pulling away from sidewall on all sides of the house.... The house seems to "come alive" when in direct sunlite... All installation guidelines have been met or exceeded. The reps have not concluded the problem and are dodging the issue
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Re: Maibec Shingles

We installed Maibec Nantucket shingles pre-finished with Cabot stain. They are moving whenever exposed to direct sunlight. The rep's are telling me that the movement we are experiencing is acceptable and is to be expected. I find it hard to believe that could be true and this to be normal.... The owner of the home is insisting there is something wrong with the shingles, and I resolve this situation (replace all shingles with something else) before they will pay me. Maibec has walked away from me, with no resolution. Cabot Stain seems to be on the side of Maibec and aren't willing to commit to anything or analyze the samples as promised before they knew it was a maibec shingle..... I desperately need help..... I need an unbiased expert evaluation of the product and the installation to see if the product is defective or if there is some other underlying problem....
do you know of anyone with no ties to Maibec, Cabots, or Capital forest products that I could hire to evaluate this issue.... someone who's expertise is relative to white cedar. Or a place that could analyze shingle/stain samples.
Any information would be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You again for your time.
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Re: Maibec Shingles

I have installed Maibec siding on a couple homes this year and had alot of issues with the board and batton style. The boards looked ok until you cut the bands and the sun hit them. These boards are 1x10 so its tough to get them to lay flat without splitting them. It was a medium blue color.

On the horizontal 1x6 siding in a pinky color I had no problem...

Good luck
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Re: Maibec Shingles

Is this a new house or a remodel?
Dark color?
Prestained from the factory?
Back in Maine
Dubbin' Around
Doin' good stuff ......
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Re: Maibec Shingles

Try these guys.
I did a job a few years back where I had to side a arch that rolled in.
We got a lot of help from these guys.

Good luck: Steve.
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Re: Maibec Shingles

We intalled the same siding. The solid colored stain is was light tan and the siding is curling on the south facing wall. The siding started curl right after the summer sun hit it. The other sides still look good. I also find the cedar very brittle and cracks easily when drilled to run wires/electric or nailed into.

The siding panels were easy to install after reading the instructions, we are not happy with the out come of this product!
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Re: Maibec Shingles

sounds like a moisture problem to me almost lack of! how were they store prior to installation?
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Re: Maibec Shingles

The panels were stored in a open garage on pallets. These panels are constructed with mess between the shingles and plywood panel. The bottom is left open so air is suppose to flow between the product. The shingles were pre-dipped by manufacture with a solid latex stain made by Cabot. Our stain was a light beige color. All open cuts were sealed with the matching stain that was purchased with panels. As with the other contractors on this website, the curling only happens on panels facing south. The installation was done according to the directions that came with panels.

This was not a "Cheap" product. I was told I may get replacement panels, but they won't cover my labor costs of removal of old panels and nailing up new panels.
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Re: Maibec Shingles

sounds like a classic moisture content problem to me. shingles have a High moisture content on the south wall the surface dries out faster than the interior or back and curling occurs. Did anyone put a moisture meter on the shingles prior to install? Remember stain is not a vapor barrier and will allow moisture to move through it. Wet back from lack of ventilation and dry face from sunlight will always cause wood to warp.
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Re: Maibec Shingles

maibec shingles is too tin at the high and of the shingles thats why it curls personely the last 4 houses that i did i byed shingles from CanUsa cedar inc products and i had no probleme with it.The only thing they dont prestaine its only green products but its very good products

cedar 99
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Re: Maibec Shingles

I'm currently doing a doing a job that has a double coat ultra white on it. Maibec was called in because some of the tannin began to come through even before they are applied to the house. Maibec is going to give the customer a top coat come spring. Movement in the shingles is normal. If the shingles are nailed to high above the exposure line then they will curl even more and remember space between the shingles is a good thing. White cedar moves more than red it's nature of the beast.One other thing if you go with an exposure more than 5in. you are increasing the potential for curling

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