Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

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Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

Hey guys, I need to hang some flags and frames from a cinder block wall. I have built the frames and they weigh a good amount... say 50lbs to be safe. I need to hang them from a cinder block wall (its odd though its not flat its all preatied (<-- Is that a word?) up)

The frames are about 5' wide and I have 2 heavy duty brackets 12" in from each end they are bolted on with 1/2" bolts. That connection I feel good about. My question comes from what is the best way to anchor to the cinder block wall. As well as were in the wall: Center of block or joint.

Thanks in advance for your sugestions.
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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

There are two ways I like to hang heavy stuff on block (and I hang heavy stuff on block a lot). One, toggle bolts in the hollows. Two, double expanding anchors in other spots on the block. The mortar joint sucks as a place to put an anchor. People use the joints because they're easy to drill, and people are naturally lazy.


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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

I agree with MD..

Toggles are good..and don't drill into the mortar. Pull up your big girl panties and drill that block buddy!

Also, I would also recommend a hex headed tapcon, I have hung things heavier than 50lbs and they have held up to this day. Just make sure you predrill with your hammerdrill bit one size smaller than the tapcon, so it can grab.

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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

We usually go to a company like FASTENAL to purchase hardware and fasteners for this type application.

We just did a roof into a CMU wall last month. Pre-drill holes for expandable sleeve anchors. You want the kind for concrete. Apply epoxy to the anchors prior to installation of the sleeve into the hole.
Use galvanized threaded rods or bolts.....washers and nuts....

Anchor in center areas of the blocks.
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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls


If you scroll to the bottom it will give you shear load and pull load for each size, as well as some usefull hints. I've gone into the hollow of cinder block before, but only for shelving. (sometimes you have no other choice). It's actually hard to find any set rules for where to anchor in block.
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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

Thanks guys... I ordered some of these as the look a heck of a lot better than regular toggle bolts. They stay in place when you take the bolt out so you can reuse them if you desire. And it makes it easier to hang since you can put them in before hand.

I will man up and drill through the brick and not the mortar joint... I never thought the mortar joint was very strong but most of the time you see people drill that so I had to wonder if there was something I did not know.
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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

We use HILTI epoxy, also simpsons. use these and 3/8 s bolts.

Over kill ? maybe lota wind load on flag. And You didn't say what size!!
Funny we're doing an 80 ft block wall today. Bond beam re- bar and poured cavity RETAINING WALL CA. If hollow hilti has mesh insert.
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Re: Hanging Objects Off Cinder Block Walls

Sorry guys forgot to mention no wind load... These are indoor decorative flags. Only load will be a shear load from the weight of the frames. 1/2" bolts should MORE than carry the weight.

I dont want to epoxy anything... These people change thier minds all the time. I would rather be able to pull the bolts rather than having to grind them off.


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