Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

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Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

I am having a house built and in a small area in front and in back of the house the builder has installed Hardiplank Siding it looks like a 5 yr old or untrained immigant labor went nail happy with a nailgun. I feel it isn't installed properly; that most of the nails holding the siding should be blind nailed with the board above covering the nail head and an ocassional face nail for boards that don't seat properly or for wind shear prevention. The builder is going to probably caullk or putty over all of the overdriven nails, paint it and call it a day. Then 3 years down the road am I going to get stuck with the water damage behind the planks from all the holes caused by the nails in the face of the siding? Does anyone have advice on how to confront the builder the hardiplank web site only has limited info on how to install the siding.

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Re: Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

Direct from installation instructions:

hardiplank lap siding can be installed over braced wood or steel studs spaced at a maximum of 24" O.C. or directly to minumum 7/16" thick OBS sheathing. Hardiplank lap siding can also be installed over foam insulation up to 1" thick(with proper length fasteners). Irregularities in framing, sheathing, and/or foam insulation can mirror through the finished application. A weather resistive barrier is required. Install HP siding with (side) joints butted in moderate contact. Optionally, install lap siding with a maximum 1/8" gap and caulk the joint.

The first course of any wall should be installed over a 1/4" lath strip to ensure a consistent plank angle.

and it goes on....anyway....

FACE NAIL: (All Lap Products)
*******Corrosion Resistant Nails(galvenized or stainless steel)******
*6d (0.118" shank x 0.267" head dia. x 2" long)
*Siding Nail (0.089" shank x 0.221" head dia. x 2" long)
*Siding Nail (0.091" shank x 0.221" head dia. x 1 1/2" long)
*******Corrosion Resistant Screws*********
*Ribbed bugle head or equivalent (No. 8-18 x 0.323 head dia. x 1 5/8" long)
Screws must penetrate 1/4" of 3 threads into metal framing.

BLIND NAILING:....basically it says blind nailing can't be done with 12" boards at all, or with any boards where studs are on 24" centers, only 9 1/4" or 9 1/2" boards and only on 16" centers. Use 11 gauge roofing nails x 1 1/4" long for blind nailing.

Now, the pics show joints meeting on a stud(obviously) with a nail on either board making the joint. One nail on each stud, 3/4" to 1" from bottom(if face nailing) or top(if blind nailing) of board.

1 1/4" minimum overlap in courses.

Nail thru both boards when face nailing.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

Dear Mr. Budget-Siding Bigot,
Be grateful your immigrant flunky was smart enough to face-nail your siding because otherwise, in 3 years, it would be as wavy as an American flag on a windy 4th of July.
Perhaps if you returned to the land of your great-grandfather, you'd find people more to your liking.
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Re: Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

is gr8tek a contractor? i dont think so, someone redirect please
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Re: Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

He's a HO.
- Build Well -
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Re: Right Vs Wrong Way To Install HardiPlank Siding

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