Hardie Plank & Joint Flashing / Tyvek (or Not) - Questions For Experienced Installers

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Hardie Plank & Joint Flashing / Tyvek (or Not) - Questions For Experienced Installers

I'm just about to install my first Hardie Fiber Cement job & am bidding a second one. One of the things I noticed in the 'destructions' is Hardie's recommendation to use joint flashing for the Color Plus line. Unfortunately, my supplier didn't mention anything about joint flashing when I placed the order & I don't have any on hand.

Am I likely to void the MFR warranty if I don't use their joint flashing - or am I supposed to locate & supply my own?

Next; I've been called out to bid on a 30 square job to replace old FC siding. When I got there, I noticed there is no weather resistive barrier (i.e. Tyvek or felt, etc.) behind the existing siding. When I told the owner I intended to install Tyvek, they asked me to bid "with and without" adding the Tyvek. The structure is a large garage / warehouse with an unfinished interior (studs exposed to the sheathing). I saw some evidence of water infiltration on the inside of the sheathing, but they don't seem concerned.

Again, if I don't put up any Tyvek, am I likely to void any warranty from Hardie if things go wrong?

Finally, the owner (second job) is really cost conscious; materials cost for certainteed's FC is about $300 to $500 less than the Hardie - but I've read more complaints about Certanteed FC than Hardie's FC siding. I know Certanteed has changed their mix recently; any thoughts on whether the cost savings is worth it - or should I go with the Hardie b/c it's simply a better product?

Scott (the ex-grunt-tanker-jarhead guy)
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Re: Hardie Plank & Joint Flashing / Tyvek (or Not) - Questions For Experienced Installers

We make our own joint flashing out of Prefinished steel, I think coil would work for you.

Never install without a good WRB if tyvek is too pricey use at least 60 minute paper it cheap and way way better than nothing.

Certainteed and Hardie in my mind are about the same.

oh Yea 3/5 forever
Semper Fi

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Re: Hardie Plank & Joint Flashing / Tyvek (or Not) - Questions For Experienced Installers

Originally Posted by rock16 View Post

oh Yea 3/5 forever
Semper Fi

Back at ya!

3/2 & 8th Tanks here.

Thanks for the input.

Scott (the ex-grunt-tanker-jarhead guy)
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Re: Hardie Plank & Joint Flashing / Tyvek (or Not) - Questions For Experienced Installers

Baked enamel coil is what we joint flash with and yes it is crucial to a proper install, as is weather barrier.
You could probably tighten your bid by downgrading to black siding felt if they wont spring for Tyvek.
Hardi or Certainteed? A year ago I would have said save some bux and get a nicer wood grain with Certainteed.
Now I would say learn from my misfortune and use Hardi.
After using both products for years with no problems what so ever I put horizontal Cetainteed WB's on my own garage and had board shrinkage up to a half inch, curling at butt joints and spider web like fracturing that went clear through the panel (not just the primer like the second Certainteed rep tried to tell me).
Customer service? The first rep to look at it was very knowledgable and concurred that there were problems and said he would recomend to his higher ups that full replacement was necessary.
The second rep is mentioned above and six months of frustration later I was reimbursed for material and original installation labor.
Twelve hundred square feet of painting (I had half the building painted before the problems showed up) and twenty four hundred square feet of siding tear off was out of my pocket.
Now I'll let you decide.
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